posted 25 January 2023

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Season 2 - Episode 2.5 - take 19 Many R's Podcast

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Welcome to Season 2 Episode 2 (Part 2) take 19 censored of the Many R’s Podcast featuring our centrefold Steve G Papermaster. This series is presented by Mark J Smith of DC Partners Solutions, Sydney, Australia. Well - we've been banned again.


0:01 - opening music - Stop the presses greeting from Mark Smith discussing banning / Youtube violations.

5:06 - uncensored .... original greeting by Mark Smith, episode overview Where to find transcripts for S2E2 (Part 1) ....

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but not the censored youtube video Where to find transcripts for S2E2 (Part 2 - now censored) ....

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Overview - discussed alleged writ from Leonie Hill Capital Pte Ltd and Arun Kant v DC Partners Solutions Pty Ltd and Mark James Smith in the State of Texas, USA.

Overview - discussed letter from lawyers for Leonie Hill Capital Pte Ltd and Arun Kant dated 16 December 2022 sent to Mark Smith

6:15 - Steve Clemons, The Hill Overview - re the censored bank statement / bank ledger

8:10 Overview - discussed alleged writ from Leonie Hill Capital Pte Ltd and Arun Kant v DC Partners Solutions Pty Ltd and Mark James Smith in the State of Texas, USA.

9:55 - reminder, #whoisstevepapermaster ?

11:00 - Steve Papermaster & Ernst & Young.

11:25 - reminder, Who is Arun Kant of Leonie Hill Capital Pte Ltd? - for more information

14:34 - Who is Bobby Lau of Leonie Hill Capital Pte Ltd?

15:05 - Who is Wee Meng Thoo of Leonie Hill Capital Pte Ltd? 16:35 - questioning representations made by Arun Kant of Leonie Hill Capital Pte Ltd 18:30 - censored portions discussed

18:49 - what isn't censored - extract from Journalism for Sale / "The Future of Healthcare Summit" interview by Steve Clemons of Steve Papermaster, filed 2 July 2019. - detailed forensic analysis of timeline - censored

24:40 - interview of Arun Kant and Steve Papermaster (extract)

25:25 - reflections on the representations of Steve Clemons re Arun Kant and others investing around US$200m into Papermaster companies. - detailed forensic analysis of timeline - censored

26:19 - analysis of transactions involving Henry Legere

26:50 - documents relating to Henry Legere published by Steve Papermaster and Nano.

30:00 - Steve Papermaster & Nano - Management Guidance Statement document

31:00 - email to Arun Kant from whale investor.

33:30 - analysis of Arun Kant's role on the board of Nano Global, Inc as a shadow director.

34:00 - continued analysis of email to Arun Kant from whale investor.

37:30 - continued analysis of SMS from Arun Kant to Mark Smith re email to Arun Kant from whale investor.

39:40 - continued analysis of email to Arun Kant from whale investor.

41:00 - review of documents re relationship between Nano, Steve Papermaster outlining role of Henry Legere as Nano, Chief Medical Officer.

41:45 - review of Mozido Inc suit of Appconomy and Steve Papermaster, Alibaba and Arun Kant. tba continued ... incomplete.

43:30 - analysis of email from Arun Kant to Mark Smith, September 2020.

46:30 - discussions re video with Steve Clemons, Arun Kant called "Fireside chat"

51:00 - continued analysis of correspondence with Henry Legere.

1:05:30 - analysis of allegedly filed materials in the District Court of Texas between Leonie Hill Capital Pte Ltd v Mark Smith, continued discussion re: Mozido Inc case and possibility of an Arun Kant investor, Alibaba's participation?

1:10:25 - wrap up of the previously uncensored / censored episode - S2E2.5 (part 2).

1:20:00 - credits

1:21:57 - end

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Transcript (prior to censorship):

Rogues Rascals reviewables roads rip-offs receivers real estate agents and much much more this is the mini hours podcast season 2 episode 2 part 2 take 19. well this is the episode that a real Khan does not want you to hear we've had many many violation notices from YouTube doesn't want you to sit here so if you want to know what a real [ __ ] doesn't want you to know tune in now or go to our website dcparts.solutionspodcast and look up the transcripts of the centered versions and much much more well hi welcome to this episode uh this is about the 20th take uh of this particular episode and we've received uh from YouTube some violation notices and it's not because of anything defamatory uh apparently the bank statements uh a real card doesn't want anyone to see what was really going on and uh we've got even more so look this uh this episode I'd have to say now is a dog's breakfast we've had to rip out um we've had to rip out the bank statement section which doesn't mean you can't go to our website and search for it uh it'll be there uh but uh well the bank statements will be there for anyone to look at I guess the reason we're publishing this retake of this dog's breakfast is so that the rest of the episode makes it up there other than the bank statements there's an important story to tell here uh we've got a couple of people Mr papermaster who's running around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia now uh ripping off uh kings and queens and whatever over there he's been here to Australia that's that's my interest and uh my clients have been ripped off uh for millions and millions of dollars and I'm going to put up a video uh in season two episode three we'll be publishing a recent video of Mr Paper master I think he's changed his name apparently uh uh Steve papermaster is now Stephen paper master so we're going to put up this recent video it's out there in the uh on the internet um we're happy we're just going to re-show it and put it out there he it it shows very very clearly that intellectual property that did belong to the company that he raised uh millions and millions of dollars about 64 million US dollars so it's about a hundred million of Aussie dollars uh and some of that he raised from Australian investors well he's just rebirth them so this is nothing but a fraudster and a con artist who rips off investors and he's ripped off a very very nice family man that I know a very very nice family man and uh he's ripped off a number of whales and these are you know uh very successful business people uh almost as successful as you can possibly be uh anyway that's my interest is uh the contents of this particular episode clearly uh people like a real card and Steve papermaster don't want you to know about them there's also Steve Clemens who's been particularly silent this is the journalist that you can buy for 14 000 and 61.99 according to the bank statements that you can't see so if you do want to see those bank statements you'll have to go to my website I'm sorry it's dcpartners.solution podcast and um there's a it's not a bank statement but it is a bank Ledger and no one has sued me and said that these Bank ledgers are false so uh we have got um very threatening letters from lawyers for a real [ __ ] uh in from Singapore and now I'm going to publish that particular uh letter it's going to have a few reductions on uh but you can see you can see what they want me to do uh well I'll put it up on my website if you wish to see that particular letter so there's lots more content if anyone thinks that we're quitting or going away uh that's completely wrong okay so um this is uh now we're witnessing the rebirthing of Stalin intellectual property or um

I'd have to say probably fraudulently obtained intellectual property uh and you can see that on this video there's very very clear references to a SoftBank and arm and this intellectual property belonged to another company as I said but Aussies and many others invested about 64 million US Dollars into and that's all been rebirthed into a Abu Dhabi company so I don't know whether Abu Dhabi chops off the hands of Thieves? and I don't know if um I think Saudi Arabia might have laws kind of like that um where it's uh thieving is not something that's tolerated so uh we you never know whether you'll see Steve papermaster wandering around without it so we're going to publish this dog's breakfast and whatever's left minus the bank statements uh we're going to republish that as the censored version of season two episode two and a half sense it and there's more episodes to come there's more content as I said going up on our podcast on our website dcpartners.podcast and you'll be able to find uh from there all sorts of links to Mr papermaster a real [ __ ] or Arun card however you pronounce it leonie Hill Capital uh We've also bought a number of other domains so watch this space uh in particular you might want to watch The Domain can't or a a r u n and we've also got one on Steve Clemons so many many exciting uh things or you could always check into which is a domain that I um check it out and subscribe watch this site and enjoy the rest of this dog's breakfast of what's left after the YouTube sensors and a real can't have had their wishes and um butchered this episode thanks very much bye-bye well welcome to season two episode two part two uh my name is Mark Smith and um I am joined by some bird life out here uh in my garden so I do apologize it's it's not a recording it is a series of beautiful birds out there in the background I hope you don't mind having them in the background um well we're going to have a look at um a deeper dive so if you haven't seen part one of season two episode two then you do need to probably go back and we'll include a link down below uh to season two episode two in other words part one uh in part at the end of part two we ended that um we talked about well this was recorded in the middle of November and we talked about the need for a very careful and forensic look at some documents so

most of them are discussed over my shoulder here whoops over my shoulder here uh on the backdrop um and we're going to go through Abyss we're going to have a look at Steven papermaster again we're going to just remind ourselves who is Stephen papermaster or Steve papermaster uh who is Aaron Kant who is leonie Hill capital and why are they important we're also going to look at a journalist who's come to our attention uh in something we'll show you today uh called Steve plemons uh journalist at the hill now uh Steve has interviewed Steve Clements has interviewed paper Master uh may have interviewed Aaron Kent as well uh but certainly discussed Aaron can't and uh I'm absolutely sure he has talked to Aaron Kant uh based on some uh transcript that we'll have a look at and we will actually have a look at an interview from the 1st of July 2019 and we'll discuss exactly why that's important in a little bit uh we're going to discuss a document that includes Henry lagia now Henry ligue I think is is uh a good honest person and uh his company is called Reliant immune Diagnostic Center at one stage he was the incoming Nano Global president and chief medical officer at one state but incoming I don't believe he ever took that role um and I think it was very smart to avoid that role and particularly uh you'll see why in a minute we're going to go through this very carefully so it's actually taken me a little bit longer to get to where but we're going to go through a bank statement or lyncher that's been provided to us and we're going to go through it we talked at the end of episode well part one that we would go through it line by line we probably won't go through every single line there's about 1 200 lines but boy there are some very interesting lines in there so we're going to go through it I rely on the completeness and correctness of this now this has been provided to me um indirectly um from papermaster's office I believe it's correct I rely on its correctness four statements that are made in this podcast and I disclaim to the extent of any incorrectness I've done my best to uh satisfy myself for the veracity of this document but to the extent of any incorrectness uh well I just can't I disclaim that so I'm just the um statements that I make are to the effect that this Ledger and this bank statement and the related documents are true and correct business records

I'm also going to discuss an alleged writ now I'm I haven't seen this uh an alleged writ against your blogger um and one of my companies uh in the state of Texas now I have a reason to believe a red has been filed uh I certainly um has it today it's the 17th of December 10 47 am right now as at right this moment the time of recording I have not been personally served nor has my company been personally served right now I'm at the registered office of that company so if someone comes up and turn uh serves that document right now uh then I'll discuss it on there otherwise we're going to wear it and uh it has not been served but I'll discuss why I think there is a writ on its way and the source of that knowledge I'll also discuss a letter that I received overnight and as I said I've been very carefully going through this bank statement and this Ledger and researching I've also discovered something something some things uh really about a guy called Steve Clemens from the hill and uh the hill is a publication that uh Aaron can't certainly been discussed in and uh leonie Hill capital and state papermaster have been Steve papermaster has been interviewed numerous times by Steve Clemens and we'll discuss Steve Clements connection with the bank statement

now I'm not alleging that there is any corruption I'm just reporting that Steve Clemens appears on the next statement

I've written to State clemence's bosses asking for an explanation and I don't have one so I'll include a copy of that correspondence uh I may well include a copy of a letter as I said received overnight and information I have on a alleged route in the state of Texas against myself and my companies

all right so who again is Steve papermaster and who is Aaron Kent Aaron can't and who is leonie Hill capital and why does this blogger give you [ __ ] well um Steve papermaster came to Australia and um

may have been involved in a car accident and may have been involved in some entertainment um certainly met investors in Australia and um just so happens that uh at least one of those investors is my client and um

considers himself a victim of this sleep paper master um Steve claims to be an expert at everything claims to have worked in the white house for eight years for George W bush claims to be a police yeah like a policy expert um this is his uh Wikipedia page um wiki Steven underscore papermaster so uh it's there for everyone to see uh and if you Google Steve papermaster it's the very first item you will see uh Steve Once Upon a Time uh was very close to Winston young he's since been disowned and if you need a reminder personally young recommends I have nothing to do with him and they've designed him they will not promote him uh they're forbidden from promoting him uh so they've uh I think the words were dissolved all of their business dealings Ernst young so uh he's got leprosy according to Ernst young uh so maybe they know something that the rest of the world doesn't know uh Aaron can't well once upon a time Aaron can't and Steve papermaster appear to be uh best buddies and uh is played over two and uh there's also a few videos they appear in and they appeared on stage uh spooking about what Geniuses they both are and um uh I'll make sure I include a picture of a heron can't nodding his head yeah he's an expert right um

as far as I know Aaron certainly is but I believe was uh CEO managing director of a company called Leoni Hill capital and leony Hill capital uh claims to be an exempt funds manager based in Singapore takes pride in being a you know hedge fund and a venture capitalist and private Equity Firm and all the rest this is some things that you'll find on the website and I've included a profile here on Aaron Kant he was the chief risk officer and chief executive and all the rest so once again let's just have a quick look at leonie Hill capital's website this is an archive version you can't see this right now but this is who they are Aaron Kent as I said chief executive officer Chief risk officer this this certainly was uh the case or this was the contents of their website until just recently and I will put down here down below a link to uh it's called Acra which is the government regulator for companies in Singapore and does list the names of the officers and the shareholders and Aaron can't is um certainly one of those that shareholders this website lists him as the chief risk and chief compliance officer so Aaron's out there looking after investors interest Disney um and why that's relevant is uh when he makes certain representations about the strength of Nano e and uh the company's commitment to an investment it's after a long period of uh diligence I suppose you'd call it so Aaron is apparently is an entrepreneur and investor he's been around 26 years so he hasn't just blown in uh this is what he holds out to the world that uh he is a general manager and CEO at startups and Fortune 500 companies in the US Europe and Asia all of those so he's uh apparently no blowing a diverse background in building Enterprises Focus focused startups he claims you saw him nod his head just a moment ago that was to a question whether he was a um a guru at early stage Investments yep yep got in on SpaceX Tesla uh Baidu 10 cent uh Alibaba gun gun investor that was that was what he said yep that's him he's a guru uh his experience in investing in disruptive startups coupled with strong financial industry expert from trade from Trading to debt finance and blah blah blah blah entrepreneurial building Technologies just goes on oh he's also the liaison officer on matters of anti-money laundering count of countering financial terrorism Singapore is a very very sophisticated Financial market and uh you know if there's going to be any fraud Aaron would be right on top of it because he's got an MBA from Stanford University and uh electrical engineering degree good on him uh Steve sorry Aaron is joined by Bob Lau head of private equity never met Bob I'm sure he's a great guy he's been an investment partner since 2010 has over 15 years in financial engineering and engineer and energy Industries uh head of private Equity since 11 years there we go so another gun all these guns um look at those qualifications master of science in financial engineering oh my God so uh he'd be able to pull apart any balance sheet and put it back together again as would uh Wu we Ming foo foo me Wing whatever head of Investments TMT uh a sector a veteran 20 years of track record served in leadership positions again in Fortune 500 companies like HP Sun micro VMware Qatar telecoms it just goes on and on uh built a sales and marketing buildups channel and OEM ecosystems LED corporate strategy and m a like these are the guns that you want involved and uh why is this important again we're going to see a representation made on behalf of leonie Hill Capital that we are committed and not only that but Nano is in great health it's uh it's in um you'll see the exact words you'll say the exact words in Aaron's own in Aaron's own words that it's highly disruptive it's very disruptive I think you can use those words very disruptive and uh we'll also this bank statement Ledger is going to show us precisely how disruptive precisely the level of sales uh we Ming is involved in pro bono championing of innovation security alliances Cloud ecosystems cyber security blah blah blah blah blah now we don't know what his uh qualifications are but um wow you know has he got any degrees don't know but um would would Bob layout and Aaron caird with air mbas and all the rest would they be involved uh could they um conduct due diligence on Foo me Wing what we mean we flew we Ming I'm sure they can in this video we are going to question the wisdom of some of Aaron kant's representations and um the truthfulness of and where you can be the judge we'll just look at them and we'll just look at them factually and we'll ask the question did Aaron make these statements uh I'm going to be saying that Aaron did make these statements uh the ramifications you can um come to your own conclusions uh there are some things that I think are inconsistent between what Aaron says and writes there's no nothing like about putting something in writing to a very serious person saying something is true when apparently is not true and I'll let you the reader determine for yourself whether you believe there is any consistent any inconsistencies uh I will also ask you the reader or viewer um the person watching this uh video to consider what you will hear in this podcast about Henry legear and what Henry ligue has to say about his dealings with Aaron Kant and whether they line up with what Aaron Camp put in writing to to my client My Vista and we'll also consider the role of Steve Clemens and a publication called the hill various very prestigious publication um and we'll consider you know whether Steve Clemens has been

because that's the word whether Steve Clemens has been ethical in discharging his duties and see if he can find any disclaimers on any of Steve clemons's work and we'll also have a look at some correspondence I sent to Steve's bosses the editors and the board of the parent company that owns the hill uh we will look at correspondence with Steve with Henry lagier and again I say he comes through with shining pinch icon in a good light very good light now again apologies this is not going to make sense this is not in context this episode has been cut off into many many pieces and I'm sorry about that that's a result of the YouTube senses uh we're publishing what we can we'll do a proper episode in season two episode three so this is what isn't censored continued we're just going to skip through a few bits of this okay I'm going to see the intro and then I'm going to take you to about nine minutes in what's the body language on this guy Steve Clemens tell me if this is tell me what you think tell me what you think write some notes in the in the column in the comments below and now joining to see you on stage for a conversation about data-driven cures is the CEO and founder of nanovision Steve papermaster please give him a warm welcome

so I met this guy a few weeks ago and I um actually has seen well that's absolute bull crap because this guy Steve Clemens met Steve papermaster on a trip to China in about 2007. all right keep going see him in action uh end out of Switzerland uh in January but had known his reputation of being a science advisor to President Bush and this was still a time when science advisors were looked at as you know how you know good people right so uh you know I've been worried myself many people see my writing I'm worried about you know the state of science we're doing the science respect for Science and these systems we're in and it's the paper Master just to put on record only the CEO of the animation founder a real entrepreneur well it's Clemens guys putting on quite a show he's really pumping up uh the audience here uh it's as if he's being paid or something I mean shall we let him keep going reference but uh was also one of the people who's really one of the fathers of the uh Human Genome Project so Stephen have you take us down the path you said this morning to foreign and then a lot of our assumptions that built in and how we're looking at the future of healthcare are pretty rotten to the core am I misstating that uh no Steve thanks a lot what did Clemens just say that am I misstating that did I say the right words um did I say what you asked me to say uh let's get let's let's let Clemens get going well actually we might skip ahead to the more gushy bits wait until you get to this bit I mean it just gushes and gushes and gushes it's so only so much gushing we can have but let's let's go to the ultra gushy stuff you're curing and to cure it I think we have to call out uh the truth in a room which is that it helps error is broken um even the way that we develop and deliver cures is broken it's nobody's fault it's just broken relative to where we should expect it to be at this stage in 2019.

even close to it again not certainly anyone's fault it doesn't work so people picture so if I'm getting it right sort of nanovision and what you're trying to create is a platform that's a bit Facebook a bit 23 and me and a bit Uber is that right that's right um okay so um on the right track so what is that I mean I think one of the things we've been struggling with today and I find um so important this is figuring out how you Empower people and patients where they are facet of life or we will have failed in the opportunity and that is tragic so and we need to translate into changing everything about clinical trials drug development drug Discovery um pricing uh we don't have to talk about whether we have a uh an arbitration to determine or transfer pricing of Freedom that access you just get on and use it um most aspects of cures and care we should have available to us whether it's free or it's fairly low cost and very rapid development and delivery so instead of 10 to 20 years to develop a job with a 90 to 99 failure rate that will serve less than fewer than a million people and cost over half million dollars we should have things basis with a 90 plus percent success rate that can be self-adopted or adopted with medical care as appropriate it costs fairly little individually and collectively the economics are fabulous Mark Cuban maybe even more Cuban from Shark Tank and a room can um who's an investor who's an investor and Alibaba and SpaceX and Tesla and you know a lot of the players out there have both I know they put about 200 million dollars of investment into your company what are they salivating over I know they put 200 about 200 million dollars into your company tell me Steve what are they celebrating over wow this is really incredible high pressure test uh questioning isn't it it's it's as if this is a paid performance now I'm just going to tell you we're just going to have a look in a moment we're just going to have a look down at the we're going to go down and we'll have a look at the YouTube release date and watch this date watch this date okay well two things one is we have Partners investors such as Mark and roon as you mentioned who are number one socially aware unconscious um who doesn't want to change the world you talk about impacting investing today what whatever impact do you have than dramatically changing the ability to cure and care right so Savvy investors and Savvy partners are very devoted to that for every good reason number two good old economics maybe one market bigger faster going with more Global implications than the market for health there is none and so from a standpoint of creating opportunity to an ecosystem to have a winning platform or winning Platforms in the marketplace there's none better and just finally before we go to the audience um we've had Hospital Folks up here pharmaceutical firms uh Patient Advocates just you know just every insurance plan what do you need from them for what you're doing what do you need as far as the ecosystem to shift and Make Way for what you're going to do or you're going to compete with all of them well on one hand we need nothing um other than probably awareness I mean that's not a negative it's just that um uh that the path to writing strong adoption of the winning platform to Marketplace is paved through the path of least resistance and least levels of permission so this is not permission based we're going to do this we certainly encourage others to do this because this is something that has to be done successfully in a Marketplace in the world and I think this is one of those moments where people are generally where they say it or not they're Fed Up This distross of Science and distrust of medicine um and distrust of medical and health isn't because I think the collective wave use these all bad people it's just there's clearly that sense of this is just not working it's not because it isn't and we're never again look at themselves and say in every other fast in my life Everything Has Changed except my health or our health or curing so that's why we have this societal issue that is global not just in the U.S now what do we need we just need people to think this is a great idea um and be part of it or cooperate in whatever way makes sense and minimum take this vision of the future and Pull It Forward expect of yourself and anybody that you're with and any institution you're part of and say if this doesn't happen in 10 years we have totally made a mistake don't let it be acceptable in 10 years everything should have changed in 40 years um everything should have gone from the inconceivable to the indispensable in this phase of your life and let me make a deal did you note that date 2nd of July 2019 note that date don't forget that date now we're going to go over and have a look at uh this timeline okay well we've just had a look at um a very detailed look at those transactions and we've looked at an interview um with uh Clemens we're just going to go and have a look at one of the very early uh conversations again where Aaron Kant is holding out that he's an expert in these early stage Investments

technology and next to him is Aaron County the chief executive officer with the only Hill Capital um and I think it's actually invested in PayPal back in the day and SpaceX so clearly people who know what they're doing in terms of these early stage Investments okay so clearly people who know what they're doing with these early stage Investments now you heard it um now you heard it uh and you saw that interview where Stephen Clemson or Steve Clemson maybe he knows maybe it was a Pinocchio moment and uh he had to bring back because you know some body part was growing as he was talking but Clemson said Mark Cuban many of you know Matt Cuban from Shark Tank and a a real [ __ ] or Aaron [ __ ] however you say it uh who is an investor in SpaceX and uh Tesla Alibaba SpaceX and Tesla and lots of other players out there I know they've put now I know this is what he said Clemson said I know that they have put about 200 million of investment into your company I know that's what that's what Clemson said how does he know Clements Clements Clements pardon me how does Clements know how does he know that these people have put 200 million dollars in now this again we point out this video is recorded on the 2nd of July 2019. Clement says I know they've put about 200 million dollars of investment into your company Steve isn't that right isn't that right no it's not right it's a fat lie it is a fat lie okay well we've had a good look at these transactions let's come back to the timeline now and we'll have a look at uh one more person well worth a few more people really but we're going to go to our next person which is Henry Ligia and some of the things that this gentleman said and uh Henry lagia is the um CEO and founder of company called Reliant immune Diagnostics who Steve papermaster and aronen card um I say that very confidently I run can't or if not everyone can't someone at uh Leoni or Capital did actually try to purchase this company uh Reliant immune Diagnostics it's a United States company let's have a look at this email with um anyway okay so by way of some background here uh I'm going to show you a series of documents relating to Henry lagia now I just want to be crystal clear I think Henry is uh blameless okay he's he looks really really good in uh this entire mess um I uh Nano did circulate uh documents uh talking about a 300 million post money valuation and a 55 million dollar Institutional Investor um offering now this is slightly different to the cap sheet that I showed you earlier whether I'm talking about a 500 million dollar um post money uh valuation but Leone Capital are still shown in here so um it's uh the role of leonie Hill capital is very important and you'll see in an email I'm going to show you from uh their CEO Aaron can't or uh that um if that's his pronunciation uh that Leone Hill Capital claim that the reason uh a key reason they pulled out was that Henry's company didn't sign on now keep in mind um Aaron also wrote and denied that he told people to invest yet he told our investors he wasn't he was committed we're going to see a bit of Double Dutch here from um from Mr Kant so again

you be the judge you be the judge uh Leone heals a 33 billion investment fund so they claim uh and hold and a holding company an early investor now um as I said in the very opening of this um in the very opening of this YouTube video uh these guys someone in Singapore someone in Singapore now that may well be leonie Hill Capital it may well be Aaron Kant or his fellow directors Bobby Lau uh through we Ming uh someone in Singapore has sought to see um uh stop the YouTube video and they've managed just in Singapore to stop part one of season two episode two uh they don't want you to know well if you're in Singapore and I guess maybe there's many of their investors are in Singapore uh well you're supposed to be kept in the dark about these things uh but so the use of the funds was going to be for the integration of uh Reliant MMA a merger between Reliant and uh Nano and this thing called MD box Henry well to come is Henry's letter uh and we'll also have a look at a excuse from Aaron about why Leone Hill didn't proceed uh this document we'll put it up on the website um and prior funding 50 million uh institutional family and friends offering now I'm actually told um that by about July 2020 they actually raised 64 million dollars but I only showed you a ledger of um of 20 uh about 20 22 21 22 million uh and that came and went uh during the year 2019. now that's that's a ledger and if you have other documents um and you want to tip us off go to our website dcpartners.solution podcast and down the bottom you should say tip or form send it in uh love to read it so this is a this is an interesting document um and it says what it says uh the next one we're going to have a look at is I did mention about all the money that um Steve was taking and paying to his related party company so he provided this management guidance statement um and they claim they claim and I said it was a good thing that they were getting legal advice well they claim that uh they had legal advice and guidance was obtained from Ernst young Parthenon uh ey's life sciences team Capital markets team Jones day now we did see some evidence that they had paid 50 something thousand from memory to Jones Day and and other firms uh keeping in mind paper Master claims to be a public policy expert um worked in the white house for eight years personal personal advisor to George W bush well I spent a lot of money on guidance and advisors and you can total this up again in on our website dcpartners.solution podcast you can find season two episode two part two this this video and uh the page relating to it and a transcript of this video and all the attachments that we've talked about they're all on that particular page next document we're going to go to a email that was sent in early in March of 2020 and it was sent to a real or a rune however you pronounce it and so we're going to read this from the bottom up March the 27th and then we'll see what Aruna has said and what he says now we'll just refresh ourselves and dear run my company invested two million dollars in Nano introduced to us by Steve papermaster you sent me an email on the 4th of August indicating you were committed so the principle of this victim company has written and said well they understand what they understood from what Ariel wrote was that and the Real's words were that we're committed we are committed and to the effect that it was in good shape and very disruptive very disruptive uh with six thousand dollars of sales to uh Amazon and that's about it uh a real road but uh this company was very disruptive um and a real set that he was going to invest eight million dollars according to that cap sheet now the cap sheet all of that is on our website podcast and go to season two episode two part two um and since that time so I'm just going back to reading this email since that time uh you said that you were committed to Nano and on the strength of your reputation as a three billion dollar fund um and someone with an MBA it's from Stanford and all the rest and your signed term sheet where in the same terms in the signed term sheet a real said that he would consent to being a director of the company and being on the board and investing 8 million US dollars plus bring 10 cent and buy due and Alibaba now we're going to see this name Alibaba as well and then there was another company they claimed that they'd bring along called tpg ah on the strength on the strength of your reputation and sign termship we made the investment that's the victim company since that time we were assured everything was proceeding as planned and was in order however we were unable to get requested information and uh the um convertible notes that were um subscribed to for two million dollars uh the day after a real or a rune uh said that they were committed at the very very next morning uh the two million dollars was sent off um so that's a very direct Reliance um I've lost my train of thought uh oh yes those those convertible notes were due and payable in September and a real as I told you agreed he was advising the board I showed you Australian corporations law and that that would constitute if if the board is um the board tends to accept your recommendations on an ongoing basis whether you are an investor this is under Australian law now this company is incorporated under Delaware law in the United States I can't tell you what Delaware law says but in Australia if a company was taking your advice and and continued to you know take your advice and a real put in writing to the author of this email that yes that's true he had pressed paper master and he had pressed the company you know to close off this family and friends round um and but he was delighted to take my investors two million dollars well if you are someone in that uh that was giving that advice and the board's taking your advice you're treated as being an a director and uh you would be liable if you raised two million dollars that you knew you couldn't pay back in September or you didn't have a real you didn't have I mean um if you didn't have a proper basis for accepting that then you could be personally responsible as a director whether you're on the register of directors whether you're listed with the company regulator you could be liable as a director yourself for trading that company at a time when it could not meet its obligations as and when they filled you and so on that very very date are real said that the company was in good shape we showed you the Ledger that states that that company had negative eighteen thousand dollars in the bank it couldn't pay its payroll unless paper Master put in a quarter of a million dollars which he had done just one or two days prior so a real ought to have been or a rune ought to have been very very careful very careful in making that statement that leony Hill Capital was committed and he wrote as we said he wrote that you yeah we are committed but they were his words we are committed and the company is in good shape and very disruptive those were his words so um the investor then goes on I'll continue reading this um I would appreciate if you could give me a confidential understanding as to what you know about the company and your status with it as an investor and Lead investor I look forward to your reply regards the investor so this is what was the response the the email left at uh in the morning of the 27th and a reply came back in the afternoon about 12 hours later uh Arun cat to uh investor uh because if not able yeah again I apologize it sounds stunted but I don't think English is Iran's first language because of not able to get financial details on a murder deal so this is why he's saying he's sitting the same that this merger deal with Henry Gear's company MD box or Reliant because we could not get financial details on a merger deal with MD box our team could not move forward utterly only healed capitals team couldn't move forward so it's saying that this merger deal was critical that's what it's saying it is saying now I could take you back to the and I'll include below um no I'll include include above my shoulder here what Aaron wrote to the same investor on I think the 4th of August he doesn't say we're committed if a merger deal with MD box and Reliance goes ahead he doesn't say that he said he writes we are committed so six months later in the 27th of March he says because of not able to get financial details now they sound like weasel words to me but because of not being able to get financial details on a murder deal with MD box our team could not move forward now that doesn't mean we're not committed

he's saying because there was no merger been no moving forward now I'll come back to this email in just a moment I'll show you a text message from Ariel to me personally and this is on the 6th of October at 4 50 PM down with coven all right okay rest up when you're better have a look at this short personal video I did for you which I send cut it off cut it off this is how a Real's mind works so if you get anything from him saying you're committed and I talked about weasel words he wrote back committed does not mean invested

so we are committed he right we're committed well he's saying he's now saying on the 6th of October oh hang on committed doesn't does not mean we invest it well pardon me are real but what the [ __ ] does committed me

if he was with us should have put condition we he will only invest when we invest well actually yeah that's what he's his advice now is that my whale should have only invested if we invested yet my whale only proceeded only proceeded when a real did say we are committed we are committed now I'm going to get the English dictionary out and we're going to see what the word committed means but apparently in in Ariel's mind committed does not mean we invested [Music]

and then he says look you were trying to shake meat you're trying to shake me down when real bad actors are different please go and get uh paper master and the others don't try and shake me down so let's I'm just going to pause and I'll bring up the English dictionary and we'll discuss what committed means

well here's the definition we get by Googling the word committed committed pledged or bound to a certain course or policy dedicated a committed environmental app

commit past tense committed so I commit is current tense committed is past tense we are committed past tense hello

pledge or bind to a certain course or policy

this is fine this so coming back to our email

because I'm not able to get the merger deal we could not move forward then virus came now this is a virus company this is nanoq that cures the cure for curing they claim to have a um we showed in season two episode one the video of Steve papermaster saying we've got a treatment for covet then but a real writes uh then virus came along and my team is now scattered in different directions and not able to proceed with the deal well uh covert ought to have been the opportunity of Lifetime for a company like Nano cures and instead um it's now the excuse um a Healthcare Company can't make money in a pandemic um we don't we do not know current status of company and last update we had was in January I will keep you uh I'll keep your details with me and if I get any details we'll forward them to you oh thanks what a Cooperative person looking forward to meeting you again um I've heard a lot about you uh the while this is uh from investment circles regards are real

now we'll have a look at a couple of other documents this is a document that was circulated again well according to a real they cease to be involved according to a real the last details they had was in January which I presume means January 2020. a real um so then I was giving out information I don't know the date of this I I don't have it I don't have it but Steve says that he's a world world renowned entrepreneur and includes photos with Henry lagia Henry is President and chief medical officer at Nano Henry is President and chief medical officer at Nano founder and CEO of Reliant immune Diagnostics so I read this and I thought well wow I'll have to give the I'll have to contact the uh chief medical officer at Nano um but there's no answer on the Nano phone number so I just I just email uh our mate Mr lagia now we'll have a look at a couple of other documents

I'll throw this in just for good measure um Steve uh did get sued um Steve and his company app economy got sued for 6.25 6.5 million dollars and a judge Steve's company tried uh a Texas Texas federal judge rejected an attempt to throw out Securities fraud case against Steve's company and so Steve's company economy was sued by mizito based on what turned out to be fraudulent misrepresentations by the company founder papermaster and Majewski and I apologize to Majewski if I've mispronounced that Brian G majorski these were fraudulent misrepresentations according to judge Lee Jacob again I apologize if I mispronounce that mozito claimed it relied on economy's claims that it that it received a one billion dollar acquisition offer from Online Marketplace oh look at that Aaron kantz uh investor Alibaba Alibaba now this is 2017. this is that the law that the case was thrown out and if you want to know more about this just Google mozito this company here and uh and paper master and you'll find a link on DC to the Judgment um and it's not very complimentary but we'll have a look at this name here Steve snarkulis I don't know if I've pronounced that correct Steve of Kane Ops not snorkel this is my apologies uh he acts not cool at them it's not new

Scott newless acts for papermaster and you'll see that this name scandulis comes up one more time just very recently let's have a look now at something a real Road and then we'll go to the Henry legere document this is something that a real rate to me on the 28th of September thank you for your email I am not offended and I want to set the record straight now this is a person that on the 28th of September wanted to set the record straight but now is going to YouTube and asking to censor uh asking to censor uh videos because he doesn't like the straightening of the record although at one time he didn't want to set the record straight um the fact is U.S investors like Matt W and others were told by us we are not investing and the whole situation is bad they did not have product or proper accounting to show where funds went

you cannot throw us under the bus just because Steve mentioned something without our permission now this is a person Steve mentioned something without our permission yet a real writes to my whale and says we are committed these were his own words we are committed so that is not talking to Steve or being mentioned without their permission not how I see it again I may have a different view of the English language I showed you what the word committed means um a real as I said he he may have a different interpretation of English language but he does seem to say that he does suggest that he can read a bit of English because he says he believed what Ernst young Singapore said so precisely a Real's con comprehension of the English language I can't really tell you um but he he did right I'm glad to help your client my well with regard to Steve because that is the right thing to do well yep and that is why we contacted you and not just ignored the mess that Steve had created and then he says he was surprised that he left that I'd left out a few people so okay now this is kind of interesting I'll I'll go down uh I'll skip this paragraph here and I'll just go down a little bit further we did give a bridge loan and we will come back to this paragraph above in a moment we did give a bridge line but stopped when we could not get accounting data now I have included down below the Excel spreadsheet uh Ledger and I couldn't find anywhere I could not find anywhere any evidence of a bridge line we couldn't find any evidence now I don't know when this uh bridge line was apparently to occur but um I'm sending this uh today is actually the 26th of December I am actually sending this to a real and giving him the opportunity he said at the start of this email he wants to set the record straight we want to set the record straight okay for real if you want to set the record straight and and you have evidence of this bridge loan and you can show that this Ledger that I've gone through at Great length lengths is false then give us what documents you've got and we'll publish them and you can set the record straight um and he says that he replies we want open and honest dialogue well come on tell us about Steve Clemens tell us about the interviews uh there was what's called a fireside chat that Steve Clemens in a video that's nowhere to be seen it was a fireside chat between Clemens paper master and a real [ __ ] and we'd love to see that we would love to see that a real right we would like uh we we like people like you we like people like me except now 26th of December he wants to silence those and censor those but on the 28th of September he did like people like me who help companies like us to get out frauds and unfortunately we did not know you before well you know me now are real and there's his phone number if you if you wish to make contact uh with a real uh he's there so let's go up to this paragraph

we want people like you to bring both sides together and facts and make sure this does not happen again with people like Steve that's right so people like Steve Well I wonder if a real is someone that's like Steve in some ways I don't know I would like to know and I'd like to give Steve sorry I'd like to give Leone Hill Capital the chance to have their say we do make mistakes yes we are human but we do not cheat okay all right so they do say that they're committed they say that they're right they write that they we are committed and the company is in good shape

now he's he's the real gist your investor if he was in contact with us if he was now I've shown you the email of the 4th of August of 2019. a real is writing if your investor he your investor if he was in contact he should have invested only if cap table showed we invested so the cap title did show that he invested and not only that Mr can't a real [ __ ] wrote and said we are committed past tense we are committed

not any words there we ah committed three words three words well a real advice here your investor If he if he was in contact with us which he was should only have invested which he did the very next day if cap table showed we invested and it did it did show that and not only that but a real wrote and said we are committed

if we were in touch with him he should have asked us so going following a real recommendation here that's exactly what uh my wild did he asked us he was in contact and he did ask and he received an acknowledgment in writing that was clearly clearly false we were we are committed a real road we are committed

so that's what a real writes and says um was the proper process and that's exactly what my wild did we were lead investors for round one and as per proper protocol other investors should have invested only with us

we are committed next day money outlaid so I think we're correct here so now let's go to Henry's you know I I mentioned but Henry is shown here as the chief medical officer at Nano founder uh here's the Advisory Board cast of thousands the go to market pricing the the model the financial updates operating model pre Series 2 funding

leonie Hill strongly supported throughout available as backstock direct Affiliates close circle of investors that was to provide two quarters two quarters two three years of liquidity fourth quarter

fourth quarter of 2019 uh so early 2020 Target Reliance Reliant merger

and close to the series two leonie Hill pardon me 30 million dollar plus funding now again nowhere absolutely nowhere Department absolutely nowhere did a real card and Leoni Hill Capital say that their involvement was conditional on a merger with

relied and MD box nowhere nowhere at the time of August at the time of um him personally a real card personally procuring my whales of 2 million US dollar investment nowhere nowhere does it within the words we are committed does he say that our commitment is an uncommitment or it's conditional upon Reliant emerging yet 27th of March a real rewrites history and says because of not being able to get financial details on a merger deal our team could not move forward he just simply wrote We are committed

so let's now look at correspondence with Henry Ligia of Reliant immune Diagnostics and we'll go right to the bottom and we'll work we'll work from the bottom up so I write to them and say you look one of our investors has lost a bunch of money here are two documents that um two documents and then I'll investor summary and which I think I've shown you here that's it 1.29 1.29 this is the document and then there's the investor summary 1.29 so I think that might mean generally 2020 that is 29th of January 2020. so I set the 29th of January 2020.

that's my best guess at what this document when it's dated so I send both of these and I say to Dr Ventura he doesn't respond Henry Olivia the third managing director of Reliant and again I stress good guy truthful guy he's given us the response I'm I'm blogging about what I believe is a shonky firm run by Steve Pass papermaster whose track record is dubious questions does Nano own any of Reliant I didn't know ever have an agreement to buy Reliant did Nano have an agreement to merge with Reliant attached to some documents which I did send them did Reliant ever license its IP to Nano um did it say you could refer to uh its Reliance IPS being Nano MD in other words for it to be did you license your IP how many active subscribers does Reliant have do you have any comments about the documents are they accurate did the transactions proceed was the transaction never going to proceed so let's let's get a reply I from Henry I am the founder and CEO I'm glad that someone is looking into Steve P paper master and some of his environment I had I and some of it my advisors during our due diligence she had suspicions about his claims to not technology that seemed Beyond current science Money in the Bank now again none of this was a condition of a real saying we are committed he was he was committed whether there was this merger or not and so uh the merger partner um Henry and Reliant said they were suspicious about the money in the bank additional additionally several of his disgruntled investors approached us during the diligence process and encouraged us not to proceed with any form of partnership JV or path to merger not even to proceed with a path to merger I've not seen the documents you referred to uh please send so I can review but I can say so I I actually sent those to Dr Joseph Jose Ventura one of my gayest comments uh one of his colleagues we did meet with a group of investors who came to Austin and Steve presented us that he had secured 100 million dollars in funding and wanted us to present to his investors so that he could convince them that then I should make a formal offer to Reliant to merge or JV at no time were any agreements finalized so it's a bit Rich for a reel to say as a real says a real says that we didn't proceed with the merger there was never any merger to proceed with according to Henry here had no time at no time at no time were any agreements formalized we discontinued talks during our due diligence to be to being far apart on relative valuations and because he which I presume that means papermaster failed to adequately answer our questions regarding his financials or show that he was he was already funded as he purported

at no time was there a merger so this is utter fraud utter fraud to say that there's a merger under the use of the funds would be uh but Leoni Hill were the co-leads and the integration of MD box merger and that Henry would be the was post the closing that the Henry would be the chief medical officer and president complete fraud

again we are committed doesn't mean this is contingent on this merger so let's go back and continue this correspondence so I I report these questions to Henry who's being very Cooperative at this point this is the 10th of August Dear Henry attaches some some material paper Master used to raise at least 50 million US dollars I understand it was 64. so in summary you're saying there was never any written agreement in place between Reliant and Nano to merge so um

and then I ask a series of questions did Nano have an agreement with HEB that's a it's a large um see who HEB is we'll go back up here and we'll have a look at Nano's presentation they claim that they had a strategic partnership with Walmart and HEB and others

so they claim that they had a distribution business with live in 79 locations expanding to 275 in the first quarter of 2020. so my email was was did they have an agreement I don't know if you did or did not we Reliant did at that time and it's likely he was using our contacts our contracts to raise against so that sounds like a fraud to me there was never any agreements between Nano and HEB maybe that's what did Nano have an app with 23 000 survived subscribers survivors nice did did they I don't know I don't know if he did or did not he had his own app and we were not impressed with it it was subscription-based our platform was not so that may be true

I think it might not have been true because their sales were 6 000 a month so they might have had 23 000 but perhaps they were unpaid because it wasn't included in the 6000 of sales up to but included nowhere on the Excel spreadsheet now if you can find it if you can find it on the Excel spreadsheet for 2019 keeping in mind that this merger was supposed to happen in the first quarter of 2020 then if you can find it please send me a message using our typical form below on dcpartners.solution podcast send me the message I'd love to know

the gear goes on we have many users but our payment structure is largely payment per visit or encounter we have one or two Partnerships that are subscription based I don't believe we had any at that time are the pro forma financials similar to those presented by Reliance Sorry by Nano to Reliant uh Henry says I've never seen that deck or those projections our performer is very different okay that model seems to be his subscription model

I'm just going to pause and I'll take you through to that model now

all right now this is further in this document about Nano MD and I'll just take you to the previous page Nano MD so we're talking about Pages 17 18 and all and it talks about the Nano MD and app and here's the content and Community now again papermaster says in this document they have 23 active 23 000 active subscribe active subscribe doesn't say paid does not say paid fair enough so but according to this 23 000 active subscribers and they've got a community apparently and a suite of uh patents and again here's Henry legear so this is the slide that we started at and I believe that is a photo of Henry the board of advisors and Nano the financial update and Leoni Hill Capital allegedly is still over here so back to these replies 0.3 no legere's never seen those Pro former financials

these ProForm financials so these are a series of performer financials and ligia's never seen those okay but legia also hasn't conducted due diligence point four uh other financials actually Reliance financials or similar same as above so I think he's he's saying no they won't be impressed I think that means the financials are not well ours are very different our performance is very different so I think that's what he means same as above did Leoni Hill 0.5 did Leoni Hill ever meet with Reliance yes as above that is primarily the reason we walked away from the deal Steve told us leonie Hill previously funded him which seemed to be true however he showed us a term sheet for them to fund a much larger Round leony Hill didn't seem interested in actually funding that amount and Steve could not produce any evidence of further funding to satisfy our due diligence requests now I'm going to talk a little bit more below about a reel and Leone Hill capital is there such a product as MD a nanomd I don't know they haven't happened but it seemed focused on patient consumer engagement MD box would become the backbone if we did the deal foreign do the advisors page for actually advise Nano yes so let's have a look at page 24. these advisors does Mark Cuban does Bob get Medcalf do these people actually advise well according to Henry yes uh I met a few I met many yeah I met many and a few also advised me not to do the deal oh poor Stevie did

did you authorize your image to be used no does Nana have any patents he claimed they did around three products in the day I didn't I did see I think he wanted to acquire our patent portfolio that was something he spoke about frequently but I never had any insight as to why others then we have an impressive differentiated and so it goes on now I think we should I think we should read this last one

this last correspondence and we'll end with some bits and pieces about Leoni Hill capital uh did he actually raise 50 million this is Henry to me did he actually raise if so I'm shocked because we would have considered actually accepting the merger offer he would have sold I've never I was never shown these materials so I definitely did not sign off on him using those materials to raise money now this is these materials I understand them were used after after my Wells put money in during the time leonie Hill Capital said that they were still committed and before a rail right back and said oh I didn't we didn't proceed because there was no merger he told us previously on the order of several years ago he raised 50 million uh so several years from now ago and that Leone Hill was put in fresh Capital something like 70 to 90 million after a series of meetings we discussed an initial and initial we discussed an initial framework for merging our firms not not actually a merger just a framework and several other things agreeing agreeing on relative valuations doing Financial due diligence to prove the claims he was making on the status of his funding to support our expansion and getting our shareholder approval the framework did involve me as president and chief medical officer so at that time that papermaster published this there was an agreement to a framework framework only yet paper Masters publishing these documents saying Leoni Hill capital is in their lead investors blah blah blah and we're going to use the funds for merger he's pretty clear you're saying there was never any that there was never any formal agreement never any formal agreement but the framework did involve I guess we read that state produced a term sheet from leonie Hill possibly the one I've got but he never showed us his bank account well you the viewer are reading and able to see the bank Ledges that I got that show how I use the money now Henry writes I I met someone I can't remember his name so maybe it was a real [ __ ] I don't know uh who is supposed to lead the principal at lagani Hill so Henry met the principal at leonie Hill there's only three of them so it's either Bobby Lauer Fu we Ming or it's a real [ __ ] and he met the principal and he said the principal said he'd rather invest directly in our company and put money into Steve's so that's very interesting which was a major red flag now it would have been a red flag if a real [ __ ] had written back and said well we're uncommitted instead oh wow received an email in writing from a real saying we were committed so I'll go back to my Wales text message here my my miles email my company invested two million uh you sent us an email on the fourth of August indicating you were committed that's what it says a real use of the words we are committed yet this is a red flag would rather not be uh we'd rather not invest thanks very much in paper Masters company I think we're getting to the the real point a real if well but leonie Hill capital

can't be trusted they can't be trusted at that point we insisted so at that point where leonie Hill says well I think we'd rather invest in Reliant than papermaster at that point Reliant insisted that Steve show us his financials and bank balance which he refused for unclear reasons it was enough for us to pull out of negotiations

so I think we're getting to the bottom of this about why what just how committed leonie Hill Capital was

I'm just going to take you to one more document one more document about Leoni Hill capital leonie Hill Captain there this is a a website you can just go to unicorn Google unicort and go in there and Google leonie Hill capital and my company name now I as at today's 26th of December 20. 22 as of today I've not been served a writ in any Court in the U.S District Court have not I I say so but but I did search this and I did I did like hate this record someone told me someone told me and I the word that I had a great deal of trouble pronouncing a little while ago we're going to see in a moment which was Steve's lawyer Steve's lawyer if you remember let's go back and we'll have a look at this Steve's lawyer was a guy called Steve scanulus of Kane and scanulis PP P LLC representing app climbing now appconomy was attempting to throw out a Securities fraud case against it but judge Lee yake yikel um uh found that based on what turned out to be fraudulent misrepresentations by papermaster and Brian G Majewski um uh he's he refused an attempt he rejected an attempt to throw out the fraud case so in other words he said well yeah there was a misleading thing and later on um there's further judgments and if you want to know more about that and I mentioned that the fraud was the the fraud uh mosito claimed it relied on the paper Masters company that it had received so it's a bit like he had received we are committed I can see some parallels here I will say see the word Alibaba it claims it had received a one billion acquisition from an online Marketplace called Alibaba now the capture it which you can see on our website slash podcast season two episode two part two you'll see that um you'll see that captioning Alibaba is named along with 10 cent Baidu and Leoni Hill Capital as lead investors and and investors so I'm seeing little red flags here I'm seeing them well Leoni Hill Capital apparently apparently has filed something and this is a case summary that anyone anywhere in the world can go onto unicort just Google unicorn and type in leonie Hill this DC Partners Solutions proprietary Limited at all and I'll show you the names of all the parties and apparently these are the case particulars uh apparently on the 6th of December 2022 there's a case status that's pinned in the U.S and district courts in the western districts the Texas Western District Court and the party names apparently the party names are Leoni Hill Capital private limited that's a Singapore company and the defendants are my company and me and me and let's have a look at who the uh the attorney is and the plaintiff's attorney is none other than State paper Masters uh attorney and economies attorney it's this Stephen Bradley scandulis of Kane and scandalous I'm sorry that's a terribly difficult name to pronounce but Kane and Scar noodles is apparently according to this uh search representing Aaron Kant and his company leonie Hill capital I have not been served and I can't tell you but there's apparently there's a main document that if I cared to download it I could download it if anyone wants to download it and send it to me I can't be bothered um this is um utter BS and I would rely on the truth but uh it's just curious that according to this search is acting the same way that has actin for papermaster he's apparently acting now for the only Hill Capital private Limited

yet if you go back to correspondence that paper master that Arun can't sends people he says uh thank you I'm not offended we want to set the record straight we wish we like people like you who help companies like us get out frauds and and unfortunately we did not know you before well and uh we want honest and open dialogue and we'll do the same and help so it's It's Curious that um a real can't and uh the only Hill Capital are now no longer interested in open and honest dialogue but apparently they want to go suing people in the district court of West Texas and uh well we'll see I haven't been served I may never be served if I am served well I may well just publish all these allegations but I I do publish and again I'll put I'll put up here the uh YouTube as a sort of sensor at the request of someone in Singapore and leonie Hill capital is a Singaporean company they've sought to censor my YouTube videos so you be the judge whether someone in Singapore well what an epic what an epic epic story what an epic story uh We've touched on a lot I told you it was going to be dense I told you it was going to be Technical and forensic and uh I didn't lie uh what we can conclude this is a wrap up to this episode what we can conclude is that uh Aruna are real uh new paper master from uh at least January 2019 onwards uh he may it would be very very interesting uh the mosito manner it talks about a fake or a budget Alibaba letter of offer a letter of comfort the uh alleging that um paper Masters papermaster had received a one billion offer from Alibaba and that name comes up a game in the situation uh the investor is told that Alibaba 10 sent Baidu and tpg are investing along with Leoni Hill Capital uh some 8 million to Leoni Hill Capital four million to each of 10 cent Baidu uh tpg and Alibaba it's uh we know that um Aaron cadd knew paper master from at least January 2019. uh

Aaron can ought to have known I apologize there's a typing mistake here Aaron can't ought to have known that Nano Global was not in good shape it was arguably insolvent he was throughout the period well as long as it kept raising money as long as it could kept raising money he could keep spending it but uh its survival was dependent on raising money uh he told investors in writing no matter what he now says no matter what he now says he told investors in writing in August of 2019 that leonie Hill Capital was committed we are committed we are committed uh so that um to investing that is in Nano um and circulated and stood by as this cap shape was circulated saying that they would invest eight million dollars 10 cent Baidu tpg and Alibaba would each invest four million bucks the truth is Leoni Hill Capital was uncommitted yet they told investors that to come and join two come and join to come and join and that Nano was in good shape very disruptive Nano was actually overdrawn and was far from disruptive it had [ __ ] all sales to Amazon of about 6 000 a month about six thousand a month whether it had 23 000 active uh subscribers is remains to be seen who knows who knows but there's no evidence on the bank Ledges that we've been provided that any of these were paying any of these 23 000 were paying anything material at the time on a monthly basis so it's certainly not recorded on the uh Bank Ledges that we've been provided and that we update on that we upload and that you can find links to on our website slash podcast uh leonie Hill Capital uh said that they were committed they later they later took the position that uh their involvement was subject was conditional was conditional upon Nano buying this business called owned by Henry Lugia called MD box enter like here an MD box did not want to be involved in a transaction with Nano global someone someone apparently the principal from leonie Hill Capital actually wished to buy MD box and not invest at all according to Mr legia not invest at all inanna yet six months earlier four months five months however many months we don't know the exact timeline but we do know that it was at an earlier date Aaron Kent himself wrote that we are committed we are committed to investing circulated this cap sheet and procured induced investors to put in millions of dollars also sent around circulated himself writing emails kind of unusual on a Sunday night sending emails to investors on a Sunday night at a time when this company was Cactus Nano when Nano was Cactus and Arun had agreed to be a director of Nano and was doing all the things that you would expect a director to do taking positions issuing capital and according to Steve papermaster which Arun confirmed himself he pushed the board to make decisions to cease fundraising under these notes these convertible notes and papermaster indicated in writing that the board was likely to accept the instructions and wishes of paper of Aaron Camp an unelected board member

but one that nevertheless had agreed to become a board director so someone that was unofficially a board director Aaron can't May well be personally liable May well be personally liable for the debts that the company accumulated During the period

most probably most probably from about the second of April 2nd of August 2019 perhaps until as late as March of 2020 perhaps maybe a little earlier but perhaps as late we've got conflicting documents there are many other documents that I have not listed I've taken you through some very forensically we've had a look at the bank statements there was a cast of thousands writing the bank accounts of Nano plundering this money that was being given to it at the request of aruncant and papermaster millions and millions of dollars of serious investors money and these cast of thousands were plundering plundering plundering huge dollars half a million dollars a month just in wages alone

Aaron now writes and asks to to correct the record he now writes and says he never told he told investors he told some investors not to invest and he says that

well I'll just leave it that he says that he he writes he writes in September of this year 2020 he writes that he told investors not to invest

he sets out a procedure that my investor my wow ought to have followed my investor actually did follow that that same procedure

I believe Aaron and leonie Hill Capital are personally liable for the statements that they made and induced and the Damage that they caused to individual investors and may be liable to a class action claim for their conduct as director as a director and unelected but nevertheless someone that agreed to act as a director someone that was giving instructions to the board and someone who the board listened to and and um adopted governance decisions in accordance with those wishes Aaron Once Upon a Time wanted to correct the record Aaron didn't like my blog but believed that he wished to make comments on the record Aaron seems to have either a faulting memory or is telling certain untruths Aaron's judgment is questionable Aaron has previous previously sought to comment on the record now apparently there is a a writ coming from a court in Texas to my company and to myself I have heard in writing allegations that I have extorted or attempted to extort money from Leoni Hill capital and Aaron Kent I've also received correspondence from YouTube uh saying that

complaints have been made that defamatory statements have were included in season two episode two season two episode two cannot be viewed in Singapore without using a VPN and picking it up from any other country if you're an investor in Singapore and you wish to know the content of this Blog then we will publish under season two episode two part one and part two we will publish the transcript if you wish to watch the Youtube video season two episode two part one you may need but we're currently we're currently blocked we're Geo blocked by YouTube if you wish to watch watch that episode you may have to use a VPN and watch from another country part three of episode two is being considered so watch this space my name is Mark Smith I hope you've enjoyed the episode I'm sorry it was so dense so forensic so technical it was interesting to make it was very very lengthy to make these podcasts take a very very long time but these are things that some people don't wish you to know enjoy if you've got any tip-offs write to us at slash podcast and use the tip before you can send documents you can send multiple documents you can write you can email you can instant chat with us you can ring us on uh on our Australian number 1300 327-123 or plus six one one three hundred three two seven one two three my name's Mark Smith if you've got any questions drop us a note on slash podcast or instant chat with us anytime day or night thank you very much see you next time

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Steve Clemons, The Hill.

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Steve Papermaster / Steve Clemons
Steve Papermaster / Steve Clemons

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