posted 29 September 2022

Season 2 - Episode 1.5 Many R's Podcast

Welcome to Season 2, episode 1.5 of the Many R’s Podcast highlighting our centrefold Steve G Papermaster. This series is presented by Mark J Smith of DC Partners Solutions, Sydney, Australia.

0:01 Introduction

0:41 Steve Papermaster breaking news received from a former Papermaster enabler ....

1:13 Steve Papermaster breaking news received about Ernst & Youngs Papermaster due diligence ....

2:00 Steve Papermaster - an introduction to our new villain, his 'covid cure' and more direct from the White House, Washington DC.

3:00 Steve Papermaster - #whoisstevepapermaster according to Steve.

3:10 'The Hill interview' introduction

3:30 Steve Papermaster - #whoisstevepapermaster according to those who've been had?

3:50 Steve Papermaster - #whoisstevepapermaster according to those who've been had - Mozido Inc v Steve Papermaster - for more information click here:

4:50 Steve Papermaster - #whoisstevepapermaster according to those who've been had - according to the trustee / liquidator of Agillion Inc - for more information click here:

5:30 Steve Papermaster - #whoisstevepapermaster "legendary spending spree".

6:30 Steve Papermaster Enablers - #whoisstevepapermaster and who is his team of enablers?

7:00 Steve Papermaster Enablers - #whoisstevepapermaster and who is his team of enablers - Leonie Hill Capital / Arun Kant.

7:15 Steve Papermaster Enablers - #whoisstevepapermaster and who is his team of enablers - Gordian Group, Peter Kaufman / Fred Zeidman.

7:30 Steve Papermaster Enablers - #whoisstevepapermaster and who is his team of enablers - Ernst & Young / EY Entrepreneur of the Year Scam, Angela Plaisted, Andrew Jordan, Stasia Mitchel, Alison Kay, Wendy Fox.

8:50 Steve Papermaster Nano Cures - #whoisstevepapermaster and his covid cure and treatment - Steve's email re covid treatments.

9:05 Steve Papermaster Nano Cures - #whoisstevepapermaster and his covid cure and treatment - Steve's email re Leonie Hill and other investors.

9:40 Steve Papermaster Nano Cures - #whoisstevepapermaster and his covid cure and treatment - Steve's email re Leonie Hill and other investors - Investor Document.

11:40 Steve Papermaster Nano Cures - #whoisstevepapermaster and his covid cure and treatment - watch Steve's amazing corporate video.

21:55 Steve Papermaster - introduction wrap up.

22:40 Steve Papermaster - introduction wrap up - Ernst & Young continued.

23:40 S2E1 - closing wrap, what's to come in Season 2.

26:30 credits, closing and tipoffs / how to contact us.

27:10 closing music.

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rogues rascals reviewables rorts rip-offs receivers real estate agents and much much more this is the many r’s podcast season 2 episode 1.5 focussed purely on steve papermaster, google steve papermaster, presented by mark smith from dc partner solutions. Our website and you can instant chat with us there, otherwise give us a call anytime till late, most days, 1300 327 123.

well welcome to this very special episode, episode 1.5 of season 2. and we are purely profiling steve papermaster as an extract of season 2, episode 1. and boy have we got some interesting and breaking news in the pipeline including INCLUDING something which has fallen out of cyberspace from one of Steve Papermaster's former enablers spilling the beans, in writing, that steve papermaster is NOT always someone who tells the truth. so i'll be very happy to publish that. Boy, you don't want to miss that. so if you are or have ever been someone who has invested with steve, sponsoring one of his floats or whatever …. this is a person that Ernst & Young put on a pedestal and say that he is an entrepreneur of the year, not only that but he is a founders and one of the judges (of the awards series), so ernst & young give yourself an upper cut, this particular document talks about the ernst & young due diligence and praise report … oh my god, the ernst &young praise report, don't you want to read that … the ernst & young praise report was absolutely glowing and it could have bought and paid for by steve papermaster himself?? ah, who knows whether ernst & young actually wrote the report themselves or steve wrote that or whoever? maybe he got someone from the white house to write it?? it is …. it is … I can't wait to share the report with you. stay tuned. this is the many r's podcast, we are now going to go to a profile we did on steve and then standby and watch the video …. steve's illustrious covid cure video. so enjoy, have a laugh … get some popcorn ….

(transition to extract from s2e1) ….
all right well we're now moving on to uh the centerfold the centerfield of uh the dcp solutions website and uh how many are this is our current centerfold and it's a guy called steve g papermaster and uh steve g papermaster and his company nano global, nano vision, nano whatever you want to call it now anything um so uh who is steve papermaster well he's not even an australian but this guy has come to our attention and uh he um well we're going to ask who is the papermaster it's a very very good question and let's perhaps perhaps perhaps there is two stephen papermasters it's this steve that steve spins but there's also what others say and it's going to came to our attention um i don't know whether to say through a fictional character or someone else but uh someone someone that we've come across um uh ended up being a victim let's just say a victim of um this steve papermaster and his investment scheme and um well let's let's see what others say about steve papermaster and then um well we'll first look at what steve says and um so let's play this

Molecular bonding is what we need in vaccine development? Papermaster was ….

wow how impressive? steve is a guy that knows how to beat covid19? my god uh where do we sign up um uh that's now who do you reckon right that spin um do you think the journalist write that or do you know do you think steve um provided a list of talking points? this is who i am. read this will you? and uh wow

now what do other people say about steve? you know people that have actually met him and done business with him what do they think well let's have a let's have a look at a few of these uh well let's have a look at mozido inc and steve papermaster and um this is uh from a court case uh a real court case and fought a few years ago and this is um

this is what the defendant says now i'm sure that there's always two sides to the story that uh the defendants say uh steve's not some genius that worked in the white house and all of this and by the way the people that i know that um have claimed to be a victim of steve's they don't see him as a genius that worked in the white house either but um let's just see what this is so the defendants led by paper master promised to provide mozido a leading global payments platform with substantial opportunities to expand in the china market however that promise turned out to be part of an intricate fraud that that defendants perpetrated in order to swindle mozido out of millions to lure mozido into the trap the defendant's touted and you know and it goes on and on and on and on

okay so that's that's one disgruntled party um and that's a few years ago

let's let's now have a look at uh a trustee, that's what we call liquidator here in australia, steve papermaster uh and other executives squandered assets and this is going back a few years ago six of agillions uh former topic executives have been sued by bankruptcy trustee for the legendary spending sprees that bankrupted one of the most well-financed and well-known high-tech startups in austin.

whoa so that's a little bit different um the person's charged with um

so this article talks about how agillion, steve's company burned through 60 million dollars in less than three years

now that you've got to admit there's talent there um wow

so um i mean i just love this article i think it's incredible and this is another side to steve

so uh that you know you don't you don't hear of when uh when you're given the talking points um agillion um they had about $100 bucks in the bank, uh 15 months before they had 30 million dollars in the bank, so um and for all of that um money that they've spent they had a few dozens of subscribers? i mean this is legendary and i mean i think you've got to go to the white house uh for this sort of legendary um stuff so uh they bought ads in the super bowl, they spent $500,000 uh taking um their staff uh on a little trip on a pep talk, uh a team bonding session, there i say um they took a 10 year lease on a building for 30 million dollars, they opened an office in australia when they had like 13 customers back in the united states? uh on a super bowl night uh back a few years ago um they threw one hell of a good party - 168 bottles of wine at a restaurant!!!!

i mean whoa and we're going to have a look at i mean this is this is a guy

wow i just don't know what to say this is very very impressive so um let's have a look at some of his enablers i mean uh to to get away with doing some of these things you really need a team this is you know this couldn't possibly be a solo effort and uh this this guy is i mean he's great so uh these are some of the names that have helped him and we're gonna have a look at over this um particular season we're gonna have a look at some of the people that have enabled this guy to get away with some of the stuff and um i'm going to show you a video in a moment and it is so special it is so special but he's been helped if that's the word he's been helped by bankers and funds managers and and all sorts of people but ernst & young - they probably take the absolute cake

so um so these are some if you want to know a little bit more just google steve papermaster or steve papermaster enablers and uh you'll get to see some of these enablers uh the ceo of a company called leonie hill capital uh that's arun kant um he's been helped by the gordian group now they've been fantastic uh one of um there's a whole bunch of beautiful photos in here uh peter kaufman he's the ceo or president or something of the gordian group

oh no i don't think he's the president, that's a guy called fred zeidman who's um you know king of the jewish lobby in the united states and good mates with um good mates with george w bush on the fundraising committees and blah blah blah blah

so um angela angela plaisted it at ernst and young there's uh there's a cast of thousands of thousands at ernst & young.

this is fred zeidman

andrew jordan of ernst & young, now the main well i'm not sure it's the main but it's certainly one of the um one of the key pieces of um enablement if you like and uh i mean that's an interesting word

but um steve uh steve has even gone on to super yachts in uh in in in monaco and places like that um to as a guest of um ernst & young … ernst & young … they trot him out and they say wow this guy's a legend. They (ernst & young) don't i don't think they say anything about oh how he blew 30 million dollars and um you know run companies into the ground um uh elaborate frauds or intricate frauds (mozido allegation) i don't think there's much about that in the spiel in the ernst & young spiel, but my god um these are some of the people that enable him, stasia mitchell ernst and young. alison kay, they run this thing called the ernst and young … i love ernst & young, i mean i've had things to do with them, i think they're a reputable firm and but then for them to be absolutely blind to who this guy is i actually put him on the ernst & young entrepreneur of the year uh judging panel!!!!

um uh wow and uh they say well this is this is the guy to follow

uh wendy fox of ernst & young, um there's some profiles here of some of the people that have have helped him out

now we're gonna have a look at some more documents and uh what can i say what can i say but i think before that i think we need to have a look at this video and i mean i've i've ONLY got a law degree and an MBA - all right i must be a complete idiot - because i have no idea what the hell this guy's talking about???

let's have a look at this this is the steve papermaster covid spiel and uh work out if you can work out what the hell he's what the hell he's promising that he's got and um well let's just have a look now uh i've got to show you this this email um this is an email that he's written to uh one of the victims um in april 2020, now that's right at the start of covid,

uh dear blank, now i won't say i have actually changed this i've pulled out the two section i pulled out the date and the time so uh i suspect he's probably sent this to all of his victims but

dear blank

i look forward to talking to you soon i wanted to get you a summary of the core nano products which are scaling up in the market for treatment and prevention of covid 19. coronavirus treatment he's got …

this guy claims he's got a treatment for covid 19.

now uh pfizer it's ….

this is a company called …. you've never heard of uh uh what's yeah anyway a treatment for covid 19.

oh my god i mean and this is sent by steve now if this is bullcrap just just go ahead and sue us

okay because uh this is this is the sort of crap that he sends out um we are close uh now leonie hill here's another email uh we are close now this is in january 20. we are closing an important license small acquisition oh we are closing we are closing and we'll close and we'll close the preferred equity round with leonie hill and other investors

so did leonie hill invest a nickel?? no no no no didn't arun kant got heaps of other people to invest money but didn't invest a single cent themselves??? uh other investors i'm not sure we are closing an important licence so did they no no so um let's well i think we should have a look at this investor document

now this is an investor document that they sent out uh to some actual suckers that did invest uh and they say well they know here's the ceo and it tells us it tells us about this acquisition and that uh henry i poor bastard i can't pronounce you soon henry legere, my apologies to you henry if that's not how you pronounce it um $300million dollar uh post-money valuation target, $55million institutional investors, and up to $25million uh to select reliant and nano family office/friends / family and friends … the family and friends round now it says here that leonie hill and mark cuban and others they're all investing really, so did they invest no use of proceeds what we're going to buy is the integration of reliant and uh henry legere is he's our president he's gonna be the president and did they

and you know i'm actually told that this absolutely went nowhere near like there wasn't even talks there was nothing serious so uh they claim that they're going to be the leader in global in-app health and wellness

um so let's without any further ado let's go and have a um listen to steve's own words about his covid cure, well steve papermaster let's let's hear from the horse's mouth, so to speak and uh i'm going to give you a commentary as we're going through and uh trying to decipher some of this crap that's um that's spewing out of his mouth? so let's without any further ado let's let's have a let's have a listen and see if we can figure out what the heck he's talking about???

our vision for nano has been simple but powerful from day one nano is here to heal and shield the world our vision heal and shield the world and this is uh one year ago so this is uh he's talking about covid - aim high steve.

is to be able to have an immunity platform for the world that allows us to detect protect and predict pathogen-led outbreaks all the way up through pandemics

so steve's going to predict predict pandemics and pathogen outbreaks is i mean this thing cannot move without him his knowing right and he's going to protect the world and heal it

to develop the technologies from drug development vaccine level through preventative technology

so he's developing the technology through vaccine level now i've never heard of the nano vaccine for covid 19 but stay tuned

you know through a digital data to be able to develop uh real-time effective cures and

effective cures in real time

in real time he's going to he's got the technology in real time to produce effective cures

effective treatments

people's lives are at stake literally by the second by the nanosecond more than ever in the world today it's a real tragedy um a human tragedy of enormous scale and societal impact with covid-19 and it won't be the last one

and so oh so he knows about the future ones as well okay so what's coming next after covid 19. okay beautiful

so we want to do our part to accelerate take the benefits of our innovations and technology from the vaccines into the surrounding

so we're going to take the benefits of their vaccines and apply it and make squillians okay

we want to invest in this areas of technology and get it to billions of people

oh and he's going to spread it out to billions of people so forget about pfizer novavax uh astra zeneca - nano right

all over the world as fast as we possibly can in the development of of our nano cures which

he's got his nano cures so some sort of microscopic cure that he's got it all figured out includes the vaccines

and therapeutics we are taking the specific vaccine candidates that were in development prior to the covid 19 outbreak and refining it for covid 19.

so he's got these cures that were from before covid 19 and he's going to refine them and apply to covid 19.

we have clinical trials uh they're in process now clinical trials

okay that's why we haven't heard um they're in clinical trials

and seeks and fast track regulatory approval fda and fda equivalent

oh okay so it's the government's fault okay right because there's seeking fast tracking globally

get that delivered to people and in the market as quickly as we can in the late second quarter or early third quarter and that is very very fast especially for this type of

now look at this cure it's just racing across the globe

vaccine which is an extremely stable very low cost vaccine

an extremely stable vaccine low cost now in a minute he's going to tell us that you don't even you can just stick it in the fridge

not require ultra high levels of cold chain storage like mrna vaccines need

so this is better than all that crap you know all that pfizer stuff it's much better you can keep it at what is normal refrigerated temperatures

this farker’s actually keeping a straight face, like i think he actually believes all this stuff

in order to deliver that vaccine which is critical in many parts of the world that do not have the sophisticated levels of it

ah okay so he's talking about the developing world here where you know uh where there isn't coal chain logistics well um he's going to spread his cure around i don't know billions of people wow we want to invest in this company

infrastructure available the other big areas that we are developing are different delivery mechanisms so that you can take a vaccine that we've developed and use it as a spray on your skin

oh you just spray it on i wonder if this is like those erectile things you just sniff it or something you know and you know um you're cured from covid?

more patch on your skin or nasal spray or an oral vaccine and after that of course we've got we've got in development in parallel a universal pan corona virus vaccine that is intended to provide immunity for any future forms of chromovirus-based organisms

a pan-corona vaccine that's going to wipe out everything so anything that comes all the next variants and all of that he's already got it sold for pathogens as well as potential mutations from 2019 oh okay so all the deltas the omnicrons and all of that he's got it all figured out

Nano cure is a technology that is specifically engineered to get

so this is a soap company?

give us very safe defective compounds that we can apply as a fierce uh antimicrobial antiviral that can attach to our skin and surfaces that will attract and destroy on contact dangerous pathogens

so it's going to attract the virus and then destroy on contact like some sort of scary laser this is star wars or something right sometimes refer to it you can see the bacteria coming wow

it is sunblock or sunscreen for germs it means that somewhere between hours and 24 hours on your skin and on general surfaces that can be weeks months or even longer until

longer than months so you just got to spray this on some surface and wow it's just protection so this is the ultimate protection racket wow and lasts for even longer than months on your skin and on surfaces

is disrupted we are all exposed all the time if we have any semblance of normal life the ability to cut the transmission the contagion in many cases by 90 plus percent

in many cases by 90 percent

90 plus percent

so you pay your money to steve and um snake oil bang this is like the magic snake oil

that level of prevention is on par with the profound impact of having widespread nanosense vaccine technology piece of our platform

oh here we go so this is his technology

that we have architected to essentially be the operating system if you will of molecular level data what we're breathing what we're touching are those things that

wow i love it we

come and contact you on our exterior body or into our lungs and synthesize the data analyze the data through our sensors

so he's got some magic piece of plastic but you plug it in you pay you pay your license fee and it just tells what pathogens are in the air or whatever and does it send out an alarm to send out an sms who knows let's keep let's keep watching

using our nano center technology we can actually see from a standpoint of analyzing is there the presence of or the likely presence of certain germs certain pathogens like covid19 or others that are or could be dangerous we're still early on in the development

oh so it's not just limited to covid uh it's the other more dangerous things wow and i mean the mind the mind just boggles

development we will be rolling out in product forms rapidly over the next one to two years time is of the essence in just the next four to eight quarters we expect to be active really in every region of the world we'll have

wow every region of the world is going to be active with uh with this guy's technology

a manufacturing capability we'll have regional delivery just in the course of the next 12 to 24 months we will have our presence

oh okay so they're going to send their packages out through south africa and on to indonesia and australia wow

and they're also going to get there so they're going to send stuff through the democratic republic of congo then send it over to nairobi and then on to india or pakistan or somewhere and they'll be sending something through libya, from somewhere over here so where's that

who knows uh memphis i'd say uh send it through libya and then on to china? okay well that sounds pretty good and from memphis uh through to that looks like the south of france so they've got some hub in the south of france and then on to kazakhstan? that looks good let's uh let's keep going um but they're sending it from mexico to um where is that you know is that chile?

in most major regions in the world directly with partners you can never have too many fantastic partners when you're trying to partners we're going to have a partnership

so that's perhaps uh how our guys got involved and lost money with this guy??

bring this kind of technology and this type of care to the world

so he's bringing this type of technology and care to the entire world so um let's let's just contemplate that for a second

so that's something to whet the appetite for …. for the rest of uh season 2 we're going to have a look at this guy uh steve papermaster and nano and his white house exploits and and more so let's have a look at that throughout the rest of the uh uh the season

i will let you in on the secret though uh the the ending

i'm going to spoil the surprise, uh nano is uh um the company that uh took i don't know 20 30 50 million dollars from investors uh the cure for all this wonderful technology is just all bull crap and it's it's just all ended up in the toilet there was no merger there was no technology there's no license there was no uh fundraising by mark cuban and arun kant and leonie hill capital - just all absolute bull crap so uh and who can forget ernst & young and the EY entrepreneur of the year?

now i mean this is entrepreneur of the year stuff

this is entrepreneur of the century stuff by mr papermaster

yes um steve is still on the illustrious panel of uh judges for the EY entrepreneur of the year

so um who was the genius at ernst & young that thought wow we've got to keep this guy on the judging panel?

and if you google steve papermaster about the third thing that comes up is uh the EY entrepreneur of the year

yeah steve just absolutely spins this to the max and so he's on a great deal and who knows what sort of uh kickbacks or whatever, maybe that's the wrong word? um engagements, who knows what sort of engagements that ernst & young get out of these nano companies? and you know, i dare say that funds from investors … have plenty of funds have ended up in the in the coffers of ernst young?? and uh you know, maybe i'd love to know which new marble foyer is being built now with steve papermaster money? in which offices of ernst & young (are the marble foyers being installed???) - i'd love to know

so what's this space

so look, in closing we've got an exciting season 2 uh in front of us

we've got a little bit happening in the real estate space uh we've even got leasing activity with uh our mate ralph paligaru so we're going to be watching asquith spices and see as he rolls out uh that strategy right across sydney?

um we've got miscellaneous others

we're going to follow jetstar and see what other complaints come in

uh we'll be monitoring uh some in the in the legal sector

uh we haven't got any insurance racketeers just yet but uh we're always open

um we may well write uh some things about our bankers in the fictional uh in the fictional department so that we can be a little bit more explicit but tap into our creative touch and our creative that creative space and get the story out we won't necessarily get sued by any of the people involved so that'd be very nice uh

and we'll see what uh develops with uh receivers and liquidators um now - we've got uh stuart jones from perth property group uh and his daughter jade and his wife geraldine so we'll see what happens there, stuart’s got a wonderful uh trustee in bankruptcy and we'll be following others no doubt into that space and of course when we say others well we're talking about um steve papermaster our centerfold will be following

uh the oh raymond gulliver sorry the real estate expert there's lots and lots and lots to discuss there with raymond gulliver uh we may even find out who owns the bank account that um uh was swollen with $327000 dollars of loot uh and it wasn't raymond and jennifer that's we know that we know that they're not the owners of that account but we don't know who is so all apologies uh jennifer completely innocent we may even see raymond's um statement of affairs uh since he's in bankruptcy so that's very interesting

um but we're coming back to uh steve papermaster now there's lots of lots and lots of stuff there i'm going to talk about how ernst & young are wonderful enablers how the gordian group fred zeidman and others just look the other way when it comes to you know losing 30 million or 50 million they're there for steve they're there for steve and in his hour of need the covid cure you never know you never know you might even see something about the uh nano covid cure so that's an exciting season 2

uh coming our way uh we might even touch on greg walker and see where he's up to um uh we didn't really get to talk about macarthur group macarthur properties uh macarthur projects dare i say and um where's 131mvr up to?

so there's so much to go through in the rest of season 2 and we've got many many surprises particularly in the fictional storytelling department we've got some characters well uh they may be uh they may resemble uh people that um you've heard about uh there may be facts and you know bits and pieces uh of the story that unravel throughout the rest of season 2

so that's something to whet the appetite for

i hope you will if you've got any questions do give us a call 1-300-32723

my name's mark smith or jump online and instant chat with us in any time of day or night uh whether that's american time - hey we love tip-offs so if you know any of these people that are involved and you've got documents or any information that you'd like to share with us jump on the instant chat tools and uh you can send us documents uh send us bits and pieces there's a tip off form um about steve papermaster just google steve papermaster uh enable enablers um and if you want to uh tell us about some of these enablers some of the things that ernst & young get up to on his behalf we'd be only too happy to know more and share that with our viewers so that's it signing off mark smith instant chat with us or call us until late most nights 1300 327 123. thanks very much bye


If you’ve got any questions then give us a call 1300 32713 or go to our bottom right hand corner instant message us or instant chat with us on

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Steve Papermaster - covid cure

Many R's Podcast - S2E2 (Part 2) - the full uncut episode (censored on Youtube)

Many R's Podcast - S2E2 (Part 2) - the full uncut episode (censored on Youtube)

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