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DCP Solutions provides business solutions to problems, usually complex taxation, legal & financial nature. Very often our solutions includes designing business structures which ensure personal & business asset protection.

Mark SmitH, director

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Call anytime 1300-327123 or live chat now

Mark Smith, Business Asset Protection
Mark Smith, Business Asset Protection

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  • Debt Collection
  • Equipment finance
  • Invest with us – Information Memorandum
  • Litigation funding
  • Loan enforcement
  • Tax debt lending
  • Trade finance

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People we’ve helped (case studies)

We have helped in literally hundreds of collections, litigations and enforcements and just as many advisory customers however unfortunately sometimes privacy and/or the confidential terms of settlement it is not possible for us to disclose each and every successful outcome. Some of the more notable matters that we have been involved in bringing about happy ending include:


Advisory – Business Asset Protection

Due to the confidential nature of work that we carry out it is impossible to list some or all or most of the advisory customers assisted through difficult times, the houses saved or otherwise.

  • Food manufacturer – MacArthur region
  • Farmer – Orange, NSW
  • Land developer, Sydney
  • Allied health professional, North Sydney
  • Fruit trader – NSW & South Africa
  • Restauranteur from the Sydney CBD
  • Ice cream shop, South-West Sydney
  • Food wholesaler, North-West Sydney
  • Insolvency – Estate Agent, North-West Sydney
  • Insolvency – Estate Agent, Wollongong
  • Pre-insolvency – Estate Agent, Western Suburbs, Sydney.
  • Insolvency (advise on structure of DOCA) – Estate Agency, Gold Coast Queensland.
  • Insolvency – baby supplier retailer / importer, Sydney and Perth WA.
  • Export advisor – meat exporter, NSW.
  • Fraud / insolvency – property transaction / Torrens Assurance fund claim, Sydney NSW.
  • Property feasibility – motel, North Coast, NSW.
  • Insolvency – sportsman, Sydney.

Loan enforcement

  • Insolvency – Restaurant Chain, Queensland
  • Insolvency – Property broker, Lane Cove, Sydney
  • Property development – motel site, Orange NSW.
  • Property development – mixed use, Orange NSW.
  • Insolvency – land developer, Northern Beaches, Sydney.
  • Debt / Receivership – Estate Agent, Illawarra.
  • Information memorandum – AFSL holder.
  • Property advice to franchisee – South West Sydney.
  • Litigation funding – UK, claim against a large Russian company.
  • Due diligence – land development, Upper North Shore, Sydney.
  • Insolvency (advise on Part X Personal Insolvency) – Estate Agent, Melbourne, Vic.
  • Insolvency – liquor distiller, regional NSW.
  • Insolvency – claim against director for insolvent trading, Sydney, NSW.
  • Property – land development, mid north coast, NSW.
  • Debt collection – group travel agency, Sydney.
  • Debt collection – travel agency, Sydney.
  • Paternity issues – NSW.
  • Nuisance – regional NSW.
  • Insolvency – fruitgrower, South Australia.
  • Debt / Receivership – Estate Agent, Perth WA.

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