Meet the team: Claudio Cianfrano

Claudio Cianfrano

Meet Claudio Cianfrano, long-time member of the Biteriot & Caernarvon Cherry team. It is believed Claudio is also know as Claude Steven Cianfrano.

Claudio has been spraying the orchards since at least 2014 and previously worked for Bernard & Fiona Hall (although not officially on the Caernarvon Cherry payroll under his own name) at Caernarvon Cherry & Biteriot. Claudio is well in excess of 18 years old – the alleged age of Claudio Brown. Who is Claudio Brown?

Of recent times, since mid 2016, Claudio Cianfrano has had a working relationship with Guohao Chen of Topfruit China Australia. It is unknown whether Guohao Chen of Topfruit China Australia has any knowledge of who is Claudio Brown but it is believed Claudio Brown was the predecessor in the same job currently fulfilled by Claudio Cianfrano?

It is believed Claudio is also Claude Steven Cianfrano:

Click here to view ABN records.

Click here to view Dunn & Bradstreet records.

According to ABN records, Claudio or Claude trades as: PIETRO’S FRUIT AND VEG

Claudio, his brother Robert Cianfrano and others are allegedly in a partnership according to ABN records:

Click here to view ABN records of the partnership between Claudio and Robert Cianfrano (and others).

Audio of some of the rant (goes for 7 mins) can be heard here:

Claudio Cianfrano – Mad rant – Biteriot Caernarvon Cherry

This photography was recorded by dashcam on a public road in plain view of Claudio Cianfrano and Dave Evans.

Despite Dave Evans being a witness to Claudio’s rant – all caught on dashcam, over 7 mins long – Dave Evans told Constable Davis of Orange Police that Claudio Cianfrano wasn’t “trying to intimidate” (or words to that effect).

Youtube video (just part of the 7 minute rant) ….

Claudio Cianfrano – extract of Mad rant

More happy snaps of Claudio and the team at Biteriot, Caernarvon Cherry & Topfruit China Australia.

Robert Cianfrano, brother of Claudio, was involved in a number of litigations concerning Sydney Markets and its privatisation, Freedom of Information Application/s and otherwise. Related reports can be viewed here:

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