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In this series Mark Smith of DC Partners (Solutions) Pty Ltd sets the scene and discusses those villains or possible villains that we’ll be discussing throughout the remainder of Season 1 and subsequent seasons.

Season 1, Episode 6 will focus on:

00:00 – Start, opening music 00:14 – Intro from Mark Smith

00:27 – contact details

00:37 – Personal chat with Mark Smith, what Mark Smith’s been up to and what’s been happening with the Many R’s Podcast

01:00 – Reflections on the Covid World and opportunities

01:25 – End of Law Degree studies and personal reflections

03:36 – outline of show contents

03:45 – more on show contents

03:57 – Bunnings Gift Cards

04:08 – Matthew James Taunton – MBO Estates / Abel Agencies Box Hill

04:20 – Hakan Kutup

04:22 – Mahony Law / John Mahony & Law Cover plus Ralph Paligaru and Amreeta Paligaru

04:40 – Mohan Kumar

04:45 – Philip Beazley, Greg Walker, Karen Vee Walker

05:00 – Automotive sector

05:43 – Franchising

05:58 – Receivers

06:06 – Caernarvon Cherry, Bonny Glen Fruits, Fiona & Bernard Hall of Biteriot Operations

06:16 – DCP Capital

06:26 – DCP Capital – tax debt lending

06:36 – Corporations Law and Company insolvency lending

07:36 – Lightspeed Mortgage Management

08:24 – Sydney & Orange offices

08:44 – DCP Capital – Orange Development fund and forthcoming information memorandum

09:04 – Look ahead to S1E7.

10:24 – Credits

To share this video:

In this series Mark Smith of DC Partners (Solutions) Pty Ltd sets the scene and discusses those villains or possible villains that we’ll be discussing throughout the remainder of the Season and subsequent seasons.

Season 1 will focus on:

Real estate – including agents and developers. Miscellaneous other bad players in society Corporate Villains Travel rip-offs Government / malfeasance Iffy lawyers / shyster Insurance racketeer / Banks Receivers, Liquidators and Administrators

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S01E06 podcast – transcript

season 1 episode 6 of the many R’s podcast welcome back it is uh wednesday the 16th of june 2021, my sister’s birthday, and i’m in uh freezing cold orange right at the moment but uh i’m as happy as larry and i look forward to telling you about that right now got any questions give us a call 1-300-327-123 or go to our website uh bottom right-hand corner uh dc partners dot solutions and uh click on the uh instant chat message thank you what a rusty introduction i’m very very sorry um it’s been a long time now i have been i’ve had probably the busiest uh few months in my life and today is wednesday the 16th of june  2021.

uh it is uh the afternoon i’m in orange at our new house actually believe it or not um we uh we’re we’re covid uh uh were covid safe out here and um look this covid thing has been wonderful and in lots of ways um and it’s it’s meant it’s freed up all sorts of reasons why uh you don’t need to be in sydney you don’t need to be in a capital city uh with the online world so here we are um at orange uh in my new studio and um my new home office and in studio and i’m looking out there’s snow out the window uh it’s it’s melted but uh it was snowing here uh several days ago and our property’s actually called snowgums so it’s been absolutely wonderful and why is it being wonderful well two days ago um one of the biggest events in my life uh came one of one of the biggest chapters in my life actually came to an end i’ve been studying a thing called a juris doctor which is a postgraduate law degree uh it’s a masters uh 24 um subjects um i’m a busy boy uh you know i’ve got an mba i’ve got uh businesses and uh been running litigation funding uh for a range of different people um and uh i’m a busy busy boy and i started in i think it was like the 17th of february 2014. i’m extremely privileged, i’m definitely white i’m middle-aged i’m male and i’ve been on a commonwealth supported place since um which is a which is a code for a subsidised law degree at THE best university well arguably the best university in australia and it has been a sensational sensational ride and i’m just so privileged and i know i’m privileged so um and apart from being white male and middle-aged and all that, we’re in a great part of the world and you know i’m just bubbling and enthusing with um happiness i uh i felt a huge relief um at the end of my studies and uh i was writing a 4000 word uh essay on the inviolability of the person uh which is very interesting and i’m happy to you know share with anyone or talk about it 1-300-327-123 i just couldn’t be happier so um i’ve got uh well we’ve got a very interesting program it’s just like a bit of a catch-up program and we’re not going to do our next episode until well we’re still in sydney so we’re partly in sydney and we’re partly in orange and um uh well it’s out of orange there you go but um uh we’re we’re on mount canobolas to be precise so uh have a look biggest mountain between sydney and uh perth it’s about 1 300m, we’re about one thousand meters above the sea level 1,004m there you go 1004m above sea level so that’s like Katoomba and it is just a sensational beautiful place and um we’re coming here on you know at the end of june 2021 we’re moving we’re um we’re keeping a base in sydney and uh we’re gonna spend a lot of time up here and there’s so many uh sort of interesting work options out here and uh look we’ll talk about some of those throughout the program so um this particular episode i hope you enjoyed it’s a bit different uh it’s been a while and i apologize i have i am a bit rusty uh but um let’s see how we go so what are we gonna talk about today well we’ve got some we’ve got some new villains um to talk about we’ve got some old villains who are coming back and uh let’s um well there’s the phone okay well we’ll cut a break there. okay well on the show today uh we’re going to i mentioned we’ve got some old and some new villains sorry there’s the camera we’ve got some old and some new villains so um

well this is going to surprise you, bunnings i’ve uh i’ll just run through the topics and then we’ll we’ll do a more detailed dive into them so bunnings and their gift cards this is uh property in the property area we’re going to catch up on a new villain we’ve got a new mate called matthew james taunton from um his business was called mbo estates um uh it’s now known as Abel Agency uh they’re out at the box hill in in sydney we’re going to catch up on hakan qatar got some news there uh Mahony law and john mahony and lore cover we’re going to talk on about them we’re going to catch up on the latest on ralph paligaru we’re not going to go too much into that because we’ll just give a general update we’re not going to talk about specific cases and we’re certainly not going to prejudice any cases but we’ll just have a quick update on the comings and goings of ralph paligaru um and Amreeta um um. Mohan Kumar. we’ll touch on him. philip beazley now he’s a lawyer john mahony is a lawyer as well but we’ve got phillip beazley who’s a lawyer for ah greg walker, so just very quickly we’re not going to slander anyone here but we’re going to quickly catch up on gregory uh john walker and karen v walker um. we’ve got an automotive um page a very good friend of mine is uh in the automotive business and um the automotive money lending business to be precise and uh some of you may know, i ruffled some feathers uh i um uh i wrote something and uh anyway i’ve got a tiny reaction so but uh look there’s there’s definitely smoke when you when you see smoke well there’s some often fire well there’s a lot of smoke here so uh we’re going to we’ll touch on about our website as well we’re doing some major revamp this is the benefit of finishing my law degree we’ll get heaps of time now so we can um uh sort of spend time getting some of these things right so yes there’s a motor dealers and an automotive page so we’re we’re very interested in shonky’s um in that uh in that line of business um. franchising um this is this is really uh what my uh my letter sort of touched a raw nerve wow. um okay but uh well we’re specifically talking about some changes to the franchise codes um i’ll give you links um in a moment uh we’ll very briefly touch on receivers um well liquidators and receivers are very quickly there we’ve got a little bit of news on our on our on our dear friends from Caernarvon Cherry and Bonny glen bernard and fiona hall um and uh. in the money business well we’re actually uh we’ve been doing some litigation funding for quite some time and so we are very very interested in the money space and uh our website you’ll see that um especially we’re certainly going to do something last year on tax debt lending um but uh watch this space because um we are very interested in in that and uh having just completed my law degree i did a lot of stuff on corporations law and um so the the tax debt uh lending is is more for company lending so um we’ve got a um we’ve got a business called dcp capital which we’ll talk about and there’ll be links in our website but uh uh coming out of covid and i’m sorry if that sounded insensitive i said that covid had been great uh it’s obviously been terrible and dreadful but um it’s um it’s changed the world uh there’s no doubt about that and uh coming out of it for better and worse um but uh coming out of it um uh well some some businesses um need help. so um you might wonder why do we do these blogs and um well we’re interested in people and we’re interested in you know people getting a fair crack and all the rest and um there’s many many businesses that um it’s now the 16th of june 2021.

i have no doubt that there’ll be a lot of activity with um our friends at the tax office and uh you know someone’s going to pay for the um you know the virus and uh generally that’s going to be done through the tax system in some way so we want to help people sort of meet their obligations um and so we’ve got a new product there. but in the money space we’ve got a um a company that has come to our attention called lightspeed lightspeed mortgage management i think they’re called and i’ll put up some links to lightspeed and i stumbled across this particular article i’m going to put a link to it is it’s very interesting i i um a friend of a friend

did some borrowing from well actually didn’t do the borrowing they got offered a loan from light speed but uh there were light speed in sending out the the court papers and uh

i’ll put up we’ll put up some information about these um these documents they’re quite stunning and this is we’ll explain how i speak to business and we’ll put in a link to the particular article that they caught my eye about lightspeed um and as i said we’re doing some work on our website now we are relocating um from sydney (to Orange) but we’re keeping a branch in sydney um and uh and i’ll certainly spend about four days a fortnight in sydney um and so what would that be about seven or eight days uh fortnight in orange and in the regions and getting work done uh so that i can come to sydney and um uh but you know there’s all sorts of opportunities oh sorry and back in orange um uh under our dcp capital arm uh there are some very very very good development opportunities so we’re putting together some funds some of you may know we had a litigation fund uh so we’re putting together some property funds and so there’s some very interesting uh there’s a information memorandum coming out in a few weeks so as i said this bit of a catch-up episode now we’ll get into the bunning situation. well it’s now actually the 2nd of july 2021, and um look for one reason or another we’re going to put all this content into uh episode 7 but uh we’ll just use this episode (episode 6) as a bit of a catch-up and uh i hope you enjoyed it so far um we talked about uh why they’ve been a huge delay for a couple of months between the last episode i think episode 5 we’ve just also published episode 4 um so look uh it’s been a hugely hugely busy time for me uh finishing studies um started in 2014 in february 2014 finishing those studies moving um place and you know in the last couple of days sydney’s gone into the lockdown uh so the timing probably uh really couldn’t be well it’s it’s terrible that the lockdown is very unfortunate but um uh getting out of sydney and at least for uh you know one at least the work part of the time out here in orange is you know a real opportunity so um we thought it was best to just publish the um this particular episode and then we’ll go on to season 1 episode 7 and we’ll talk about the bunning scam the uh catch up on some of our new and um emerging and some of our older villains uh which we’ll talk about in you know in much greater detail so uh tune in very very soon we’re going to start recording uh season 1 episode 7 very soon and uh that should hopefully be up in the next few days thanks very much, bye.

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Acts of Bankruptcy – s40(1)(ha) to s40(8) Bankruptcy Act 1966.


How does a Bankruptcy Notices under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 work?

BANKRUPTCY ACT 1966 – SECT 40(1)(ha)-s40(8)

Acts of bankruptcy

(1)  A debtor commits an act of bankruptcy in each of the following cases: ….

… (ha)  if the debtor gives the Official Receiver a debt agreement proposal;

                   (hb)  if a debt agreement proposal given by the debtor to the Official Receiver is accepted by the debtor’s creditors;

                   (hc)  if the debtor breaches a debt agreement;

                   (hd)  if a debt agreement to which the debtor was a party (as a debtor) is terminated under section 185P, 185Q or 185QA;

                      (i)  if he or she signs an authority under section 188;

                      (j)  if a meeting of his or her creditors is called in pursuance of such an authority;

                     (k)  if, without sufficient cause, he or she fails to attend a meeting of his or her creditors called in pursuance of such an authority;

                      (l)  if, having been required by a special resolution of a meeting of his or her creditors so called to execute a personal insolvency agreement or to present a debtor’s petition, he or she fails, without sufficient cause:

                              (i)  to comply with the requirements of this Act as to the execution of the agreement by him or her; or

                             (ii)  to present a debtor’s petition within the time specified in the resolution;

                            as the case may be;

                    (m)  if a personal insolvency agreement executed by him or her under Part X is:

                              (i)  set aside by the Court; or

                             (ii)  terminated;

                     (n)  if a composition or scheme of arrangement accepted by the debtor’s creditors under Division 6 of Part IV is:

                              (i)  set aside by the Court; or

                             (ii)  terminated;

                     (o)  if the debtor becomes insolvent as a result of one or more transfers of property in accordance with:

                              (i)  a financial agreement (within the meaning of the Family Law Act 1975); or

                             (ii)  a Part VIIIAB financial agreement (within the meaning of the Family Law Act 1975);

                            to which the debtor is a party.

             (2)  In calculating for the purposes of subparagraph (1)(d)(i) the period for which property has been held by the sheriff, any time between the date on which an interpleader summons in respect of the property is taken out and the date on which the proceedings on the summons are finally disposed of, settled or discontinued shall not be taken into account.

             (3)  For the purposes of paragraph (1)(g):

                     (a)  where leave is given by a court to enforce an award made on a submission to arbitration, being an award under which money is payable by a debtor to another person:

                              (i)  the award shall be deemed to be a final order obtained by that person against the debtor; and

                             (ii)  the arbitration proceedings shall be deemed to be the proceeding in which that final order was obtained;

                     (b)  a judgment or order that is enforceable as, or in the same manner as, a final judgment obtained in an action shall be deemed to be a final judgment so obtained and the proceedings in which, or in consequence of which, the judgment or order was obtained shall be deemed to be the action in which it was obtained;

                     (d)  a person who is for the time being entitled to enforce a final judgment or final order for the payment of money shall be deemed to be a creditor who has obtained a final judgment or final order;

                     (e)  a judgment or order for the payment of money made by the Court in the exercise of jurisdiction conferred on it by this Act shall be deemed to be a judgment or order the execution of which has not been stayed notwithstanding that it may not be enforceable at law by execution; and

                      (f)  an order made after the commencement of this paragraph under the Family Law Act 1975 for the payment by a person of arrears of maintenance for another person shall be deemed to be a final order against the first‑mentioned person obtained by the other person.

             (4)  The act of bankruptcy specified in paragraph (1)(j) shall be deemed to be committed on the day on which the notices calling the meeting are delivered or sent to the creditors or, if they are not all delivered or sent on the one day, on the day on which the last of the notices is so delivered or sent.

             (5)  The act of bankruptcy specified in paragraph (1)(l) shall be deemed to be committed on the day after the day on which the period within which the agreement is required to be executed by the debtor or the period within which the petition is required to be presented, as the case may be, expires.

             (6)  The act of bankruptcy specified in paragraph (1)(m) shall be deemed to be committed on the day on which the agreement is set aside or terminated, as the case may be.

             (7)  The act of bankruptcy specified in paragraph (1)(n) shall be deemed to be committed on the day on which the composition or scheme of arrangement is set aside or terminated.

          (7A)  For the purposes of paragraph (1)(o):

                     (a)  transfer of property includes a payment of money; and

                     (b)  a person who does something that results in another person becoming the owner of property that did not previously exist is taken to have transferred the property to the other person.

             (8)  This section applies, so far as it is capable of application, in relation to acts and things done or occurring, and omissions and failures to do acts or things occurring, before, or partly before and partly after, the commencement of this Act, as well as to acts and things done or occurring, and omissions and failures to do acts and things occurring, after the commencement of this Act.


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welcome back to business asset protection, mark smith is  my name. we’re up to part seven just of section 40 of the bankruptcy act, and there is we’re looking at acts of bankruptcy and there is heaps and heaps of these acts of bankruptcy and to be honest we could go for a week and and still probably not get through them all so today we’re just going to smash through the rest of them from section 40(1)(ha)
all the way through to section 40(8)
and there’s a lot to get through so strap on your seatbelt and here we go. well here we are section 40(1) of the bankruptcy act. a debtor commits an act of bankruptcy in each of the following cases …. now we’ve gone through a b c d e a double d a d e f g h and we’re now up to section HA if the debtor gives and look i’m sorry this will take we’ve got ages to go we’ve all got to go all the way down to h and i’m going to just skim through these and i apologize it is a skim if you’ve got any questions at all come to our website bottom right hand corner and chat with us and what does part 2 of section 40 of the bankruptcy act what does section part 8  know mean? so by all means i understand it’s a scheme we’ll just go through these as quickly as we can and we’ll get through and any questions you’ll come come and talk to me offline we’re available anytime chat with us using the chat tools or call us on 1-300-327-123 now let’s have a look at section ha if a debtor gives the official receiver that’s a mob called afsa a debt agreement so there are these are acts of bankruptcy and once you commit them you cannot go back from them, so very very important that you know that it is an act of bankruptcy and then you know that the what the consequences might be so a debt agreement now we’ll look at debt agreements later in our coverage of the bankruptcy act we’re only looking at what are acts of bankruptcy. so if you’ve got any questions about debt agreements or any of the other things that you come across coming through the rest of this particular video message me offline. hb if a debt agreement proposal is given by the debtor to the official receiver so again official receiver is this is out and it’s accepted by your creditors well that’s an act of bankruptcy as well so giving and then if you breach that hc if you breach that well another act of bankruptcy if and so these can you can see that these can accumulate so you might commit an act by giving the official receiver hi giving the official receiver debt agreement proposal but then if you breach it there’s another act of bankruptcy and so you can see that all of these ongoing acts a creditor if you don’t keep your end of the bargain hey credit i can use that against you in a creditor’s petition and we are going to have a look at creditors petitions that’s why we need to wrap this up if you hc if the debtor breaches a debt agreement well there you go that is a an act of bankruptcy hd if a debt agreement to which the party the debtor party was a party is terminated. so if you cease your obligations under that agreement another act. I – if he or she signs an authority under section 188 we’ll look at one section 188 now at the bottom of this particular blog or maybe it’s right at the very top of the of of the particular blog that you might be looking at on on on this video you’ll see a link to section 188 so a tag a tag and so you can go and there’s a tag for date agreement there’s a tag for acts of bankruptcy so if you want to go back and see all the different extra bankruptcy use those tags aye did we look at that if he or she signs an authority under section 188 so what does that mean we’ll go to the tag above and look at the section 188 comments now at the moment there is no section 188 comments but they’re coming so this is a ongoing process. J if a meeting of his or her creditors is called in pursuance of such an authority. some of these things might make a bit more sense using the tags K if without sufficient cause he or she fails to attend a meeting of his or her creditors in pursuance of such an authority. so are you getting the gist that once you once you’re into this process of a formal process of insolvency, there are a number of potential acts of bankruptcy that can be used and no 99% of the acts of bankruptcy that are relied on in the courts is the failure under under a bankruptcy notice that’s s40(1)(g) – 99% we’ll just go back up to that 99% maybe 98% of the ones where someone does go bankrupt, happen when happened when you’ve issued a bankruptcy notice and a demand here … ralph plays $106,551 and they fail okay so 99 98 are of that kind. the other 2% percent as i said relate to some of these i guess more obscure methods of committing acts of bankruptcy and they are nevertheless acts of bankruptcy which the courts can use to issue what’s called a sequestration order. so that’s a new concept and there’s a tag above not on youtube but on our web page so go to our web page and this particular blog has a tag for what a sequestration so there will be more and more of these posts and blogs and explanations about sequestration and other other things l where did we get to sorry did we get to k? L if having been required by a special resolution of meeting me of a meeting of his or her creditors to execute a personal insolvency agreement and then you fail.
m if a personal insolvency agreement executed by you is set aside by court or if you if it’s terminated or it’s … well it it means that once you’re in you can go to the next there can be a further consequence okay. it’s bankruptcy don’t get me wrong it can provide a lot of protection and a lot of yeah i guess the protection is one way to look at it a relief it can offer relief to a to a debtor who accepts that they have unmanageable debts if you only go part way in and you do one of these part X agreements again up above look at the part X tag and if you want to look at more content if you go part way in it can accelerate you can go to there can be further acts of bankruptcy and that can have consequences. N if a composition or scheme of arrangements. scheme of arrangements we can’t possibly explain all of this one bit at a time but if you’ve got a question again use the tags call us 1300 327123 or instant chat with us using the tool in the bottom corner in if a composition or scheme of arrangement executed under division six of part four is set aside. all these different concepts. again these tags should help you. O if the debtor becomes insolvent as a result of one or more transfers under the family law act so if you’re again if you can’t pay your debts because you’ve gone through a divorce that can be an act of bankruptcy you’ve got to be very very very careful and it may not even be a divorce you you have a these financial binding agreements, so these are prenups these can get you into trouble as well. so an act of bankruptcy is you transfer out your your assets to your spouse. your wife your husband your whatever your companion. and these can have very serious consequences so much so that you could find your entire estate your entire estate is subject to a sequestration order possibly affecting your spouse. like the we we can’t look at all the powers right now but the powers are immense so let’s go on to now on to part two so this is section 40(2) … a person commits an act of bankruptcy oh no now these are not where you commit them but these explain a little bit further about the above acts so in calculating part two in calculating for the purposes of section 40(1)(d)(i) … the period of which that was where the sheriff turns up and attempts to sell your goods your channels and maybe your property these can be an act of bankruptcy so if you find you’re in one of these positions either someone owes you money or you owe someone else any money by all means instant chat with us using the tool or call us 1300-327123 section three well part 3 for the purposes of paragraph one g now that’s the one where someone issues a bankruptcy notice and gives you 21 days now it used to be 6 months during covid and you know there are a lot of ways that you can get around this all of these we we really can’t go through but there are ins and outs that’s what we will say ins and outs and a lot of complexity if you want us to explain it by all means give us a call 1300 327123

section 40(4) the the act of bankruptcy in paragraph 1j will be deemed to be committed now i’ll throw in a link to paragraph s40(1)(j) we’ve gone through that i think today i can’t remember all of these there are so many so look i think in wrapping up there is lots and lots and lots of complexity and again i think we probably best to say if you’re in in any position where the point is that there’s lots of risks in when you become insolvent or when you become under financial pressure there are lots and lots of risks and if you’re exposed to one of those risks and you attend a meeting you get a divorce there are many many risks and so probably the best thing to do if you if you think that you’re facing trouble give us a call 1-300-327-123 or use the chat tool bottom right hand corner so we’re actually going to move on next probably here to bankruptcy notices and we’ll have a look at those and if you’ve got any questions by all means chat with us call us 1300 1-300-3273 or use the chat tools …. thank you very much.