Andrew Saunders – profile, sanctions and legal opportunity

Andrew Saunders

Andrew Saunders claims to be qualified as a valuer and town planner.

It is not believed that Andrew has any qualifications in law.

Andrew Saunders
Andrew Saunders – an extract from his web profile.


In 2017, Andrew Gartrell of Orange lodged a complaint about the professional conduct of Andrew Saunders. The complaint had a number of aspects and concerned town planning advisory work carried out for the subdivision of Sunnyside, a small acreage on the outskirts of Orange and subsequent valuation works.

A copy of the complaint report can be viewed here: click here to view complaint.

The complaint was concerned by the Australian Property Institute with Andrew Saunders given the opportunity to defend himself, his conduct and otherwise.

A panel considered the complaint/s. The chair of the complaints committee was an accomplished Sydney Lawyer with expertise in the relevant fields: Chris Shaw – click here to view his profile.

A copy of the sanctions report may be viewed here – click image below or this link:

Sanction findings

The API disciplinary panel, amongst other things found:

A full copy of the sanctions report is available here – click link.

Appeal against Sanctions

The writer notes the following advice from the API that Andrew Saunders did not appeal the sanctions:

Qualifications in law?

It is noted in the sanctions report that Andrew Saunders effectively admitted he provided what amounts to legal advice to Andrew Gartrell. Andrew Saunders, it is believed, only has qualifications as a valuer and town planner (and not in law).

Below is an extract of the sanctions report containing the admission:

Advice on existing use rights is typically legal advice.

Legal opportunity

One of our related companies has bought legal proceedings against Saunders & Staniforth in the NSW District Court, alleging professional negligence.

Another associated party – Busifund – Legal Services Capital Trust – is accepting investments with an opportunity to share in the fruits of litigation against Saunders & Staniforth. The fund, Busifund – Legal Services Capital Trust presently (as at December 2020) has an information memorandum in the market and is accepting investments from sophisticated and wholesale investors only (e.g. superfunds and others complying with the definition of sophisticated and wholesale investors).

If you believe that you qualify as a sophisticated investors or wholesale clients and you’d like to consider an investment in the trust, a copy of the BUSiFUND Legal Services Capital Trust Information Memorandum – click here or click the instant messenger chat in the bottom right corner.

For a copy of the BUSiFUND Legal Services Capital Trust Information Memorandum – click here

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