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DCPLH v Golden Arrow International Pty Ltd (in liquidation)

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Golden Arrow International Pty Ltd (in liquidation) (“Golden Arrow”) is a creditor to DCPLH (as the assignee of Ralph Ignatius Paligaru, Amreeta Paligaru and Dural Alliances Pty Ltd, together “the Paligaru’s“).

Craig Adams was the director of Golden Arrow and other companies placed into liquidation in mid to late 2018.

Golden Arrow was the owner of a large development site sold for $16,700,000.

DCPLH is the assignee of the Paligaru’s debt where it seems, an unsecured creditor, Australasian Property Group Pte Ltd may have been paid a preference payment (in preference to the Paligaru’s, our assignors) or the payment and the security it received may be voidable?

These alleged facts may become the subject of litigation before the NSW Supreme Court in the coming months (as from June 2019)?

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