Beach shack for your washed up career? 155 Pacific Rd, Palm Beach

155 Pacific Rd, Palm Beach

This overpriced shack is the ideal pad to retire from a hard days wheeling and dealing and contemplate:

At night, park your overpriced imported rust bucket in the protection provided by the garage, confident in the knowledge you’ve escaped the repo man for another day.

If this sounds like the ideal lifestyle please call our offices, day or night … well okay, not nights, and only some days and we’ll put you on hold endlessly, answering your call when the beach shack owner finally pays the bills.

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Gregory John Walker (Greg) – Profile

Greg Walker, MacArthur Projects

According to Greg Walker’s website …. which contains a series of attractively rendered photos, Greg Walker has been developing properties to the tune of over $300m since about 1994 (source: circa November 2017).

Regrettably Greg, despite working in a team with 200 years experience and $300m in projects (as discussed below), experienced some dramas with ASIC and others as the following documents suggest:

ASIC ban - Greg Walker, Macarthur Projects
ASIC ban – Greg Walker, Macarthur Projects

Despite the above, we couldn’t find a mention of these facts upon his website which states:

A carefully selected team of experts boasts a combined experience of more than 200 years of industry knowledge including one of Sydney’s leading Town Planners … 

Managing Directors, Greg and Karen Walker are well known in the industry for their ability to convert raw sites into development approvals and thus creating a high return on investment ***.

In addition to Macarthur Projects dedicated full time staff, the company has invested in long term relationships that span nearly two decades with some of the industries most highly regarded consultants who add real strength and experience to the mix.

More than 80% of Macarthur’s developments are the result of off market transactions…..

Macarthur Projects has a 100% success rate in approvals through the consent authorities, this includes the NSW Land and Environment Court. This provides the foundation to the project success. …

The philosophy adopted by Macarthur Projects to utilise a balance of both in-house staff and external consultants, gives the company a nimble advantage to respond to matters of urgency.

With direct access to some of the most skilled and reputable designers and architects, the final developments are world class.

Source: *** disclaimer – sometimes negative returns achieved by Greg Walker.

Can 200 years experience help?

In short, no not always.

According to our research, a number of Greg & McArthur’s finest projects are imaginary (or incomplete), for instance:

Projects not completed – artists impressions only

The following renders are mere artists impressions and were not completed by McArthur Projects or alternatively not completed at all (expect as noted):

Mysterious Certificate problems, St Ives

Bad luck has dogged Greg Walker resulting in the liquidation of an incomplete development at 131-135 Mona Vale Rd, St Ives known as Barkala.

Unfortunately when NSW Fairtrading came knocking they did not like what they found. The writer has recently stumbled across an email entitled:

To view a list of the allegedly “fraudulent compliance certificates” – click here to view our recent blog.

Fraudulent Compliance Certificates – 131MVR

St Ives development company in liquidation 🙁

Sadly Greg Walker’s company 131MVR Pty Ltd (in liquidation) is no more.

A copy of an earlier creditors report can be downloaded here describing its financial demise – click to view.

It is unknown if the long-suffering residents and Owners Body Corporate – the people who ultimately from their own pockets footed the bill to correct the defects and incomplete works left by Greg Walker and his company are recorded as creditors? These defects are discussed in our separate blog:

  • List of Fraudulent Compliance Certificates identified for 131-‘135 Mona Vale Road, St lves – authored by NSW Fair Trading
  • – click here to view.

    Garfield Hotel / Angelsea Gold Coast – in receivership

    A nice blog is being prepared so that Gold Coast investors know what to expect?

    Sadly, it is reported, Garfield Hotel Angelsea – another Greg Walker McArthur Projects project might also be in trouble?

    The Garfield Hotel / Angelsea project is believed to be owned by Fucrez Pty Ltd in receivership?

    View our blog on the Garfield Hotel in receivership/ Angelsea project – click this link.

    The Archibald, Gosford – is it next to go kaput?

    The writer was greatly saddened to read that Greg Walker’s unfortunate run continues with not 1 but 2 receivers now appointed over The Archibald Project at Gosford and angry non-Homebuilder grant recipients wishing to terminate their contracts?

    Other than these minor issues, Greg’s latest project is virtually amazing:

    In a test run for the real thing perhaps, during a ferocious 59km/hr breeze, various inadequacies were exposed:

    or video here:

    Alternatively, the following promotion video may sell you your new virtual lifestyle?

    Virtually finished and ready to move in, or will it take as long to build as Barkala?

    To bring The Archibald within reach of any purchaser with a pulse, Greg Walker notes that the NSW Government & the HomeBuilder grant were available as free money. It is unknown whether the project and off the plan purchasers are in-fact eligible for the $15,000 Homebuilder grant?

    Free money - OSR NSW
    Free money – OSR NSW (conditions apply)

    It is rumoured that Greg Walker was able to complete the acquisition of Archibald land, despite declaring to the NSW Office of State Revenue that the contract had been rescinded and not re-entered, with the benefit of a few ($16,000,000 of) helping hands dollars from Keith Snell whilst alive. Unfortunately Keith could not attend the public examinations re: 131MVR nor provide any answers to its liquidators.

    Keith Eddy Snell
    Keith Eddy Snell – major backer, minority owner, occasional recipient of advice from Beazley Law?


    Personally, Greg is married to his joint managing director of McArthur Projects.

    Karen Vee Walker (formerly Director of 131MVR Pty Ltd (in liquidation)).

    Expert - Karen Vee Walker
    Expert – Karen Vee Walker
    Fully qualified

    Profile: To be continued

    Greg Walker, McArthur Projects
    Greg Walker, McArthur Projects

    Joint Managing Directors, MacArthur Projects

    Successful joint managing directors and life coaches present the ideal image of a happy family.

    Life coach & sometimes banned company director

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    Employer masterclass: lessons from Biteriot?

    Fiona Hall, Biteriot, Caernarvon Cherry

    Why are some Biteriot employees paid $70 per day, and other Biteriot workers working 27.5 hours day, 192 hours per week? What is the right level of employee remuneration / incentive in a pandemic, what can other farmers learn from Nuffield Scholar, Fiona Hall and master motivator Claudio Brown?

    Whine or wine?

    Renowned winetaster, Fiona Hall of Biteriot recently complained about the local workforce in Orange, NSW saying:

    the inability of overseas backpackers … had led to staff shortages … they employed university and high school students …

    “We had some good locals, but we [also] had some locals who did one day on, one day off [lacking] consistency,” ….

    Mrs Hall said the government’s COVID-relief payments had not helped with the staff shortages.

    “It wasn’t an incentive for people to go out and pick cherries,” she said.

    What is really going on at Biteriot?

    The writer wonders, given chief fruit picker Fiona Hall is involved in the phoenixing of 4 Bonny Glen companies in liquidation with DW Advisory – does Fiona feel her companies have paid sufficient tax to warrant the Government providing some kind of fruit growers exemption from the Covid relief package?

    The writer also wonders what has changed?

    At one stage, Biteriot had no trouble getting unemployed local teenagers to work picking fruit. A case in point is the worker known as Claudio Brown.

    Claudio's payslip - Biteriot
    Claudio’s payslip – Biteriot

    Once upon a time Biteriot employed Claudio who, whilst still a minor, worked a total of 27.5hrs a day.

    The writer observes that Claudio Brown paid no tax (perhaps the kind of incentive Fiona has in mind?)

    Fiona wants to employ motivated staff like Claudio Brown???

    The writer wonders why Fiona, an alleged Nuffield Scholar, doesn’t re-employ Claudio as a mentor to help “some locals” (as Fiona refers to them) lacking motivation…. Claudio works 27.5 hours per day.

    Does Biteriot expect too much of locals?

    Perhaps Mrs Hall, before criticising Orange locals, apart from employing Claudio Brown as a mentor, should she also perhaps consider a report from the employees perspective in today’s ABC (online)?

    Extracted from a story on ABC – source:

    The ABC article discusses potential motivational topics for Claudio Brown to coach SOME locals on:

    What fruitpickers say (ABC):

    ABC reported:

    Nineteen-year-old Matthew Rolston bought a bus ticket … had the full backpacker experience — even staying in a hostel.

    His first ever fruit-picking job was “actually rather enjoyable” at first.

    “I kind of went through half a bottle of water, realised there was nowhere to fill it up and had to ration half a bottle of water for the rest of the day,” he said. …

    Hostels cost more than wages earned

    Things on the farm ended “rather sourly” for Mr Rolston when his wages for six 10-hour working days came through — three weeks after he first started.

    A man sitting on the ground.

    Luka said he made $280 in six days picking fruit.(Supplied)

    “And then, when we did end up getting paid, we didn’t get the full amount,” he said.

    “I was supposed to earn around $550, I ended up getting $450.

    “There was no way that we’d be making over a $1,000.”

    His friend Luka Wighton, who also worked on the farm, said he had gone along hoping for “a bit of an adventure” — but ended up feeling “a little bit taken advantage of”.

    “It was exhausting work … I mean, I’d be fine with it, if it was more pay, but we were kind of at a loss,” he said.

    His $280 wage — paid on piece-rate agreement — meant he paid more for his accommodation at the hostel than he earned, as did Mr Rolston.

    “I didn’t expect to make much money, but I thought I’d go back with a little bit of a profit,” Mr Wighton said.

    Chloe said she gets paid hourly and that her rate was about $14.

    Jodie* was hesitant to share her tale of rejection under her real name … At times she said felt employers “danced around” the wage topic, tried to make the job sound “as unappealing as possible” or made “unreasonable” requests.

    She said she was starting to think some farmers might prefer migrant workers to Australians because they would be less likely to complain about small wages.

    “I feel like they don’t have the same sort of legal requirements around wages,” she said.

    “I know a lot of them live on site and [employers] charge them accommodation and all that sort of stuff.”

    What Biteriot employees are paid (SBS):

    The writer observes Fiona Hall’s worker told SBS he was paid about $70 per day!

    Not bad!

    Biteriot - backpacker pay rates
    Biteriot – backpacker pay rates – $70 per day …. …. see video @15m, 10seconds

    Source: …. see video @15m, 10seconds

    This is sharply different to the wage of under 18 year old local fruitpicker known as Claudio Brown – earning sometime $4800 per week (tax free) working 27.5 hours a day.

    Despite the writer having an MBA, the writer would need to draw upon the expertise of Nuffield Scholar Fiona Hall to know which is the appropriate level of pay and incentive and what government incentives (or dis-incentives) should apply?

    Claudio's payslip - Biteriot
    Claudio’s payslip – Biteriot

    What other Biteriot employees have to say?

    The writer is unsure whether the below staff are working 27.5 hours per day or on a more conventional $70 per day pay rate? The writer notes however the following independent review on Biteriot via google:


    Want to know more? Like to enrol in a Claudio Brown motivational course? Like to get better productivity from your picking team?

    Would you like to tell us confidentially about your experiences? Are you interested to join the Caernarvon / Biteriot Employee Wage Theft class action?

    Do you know Claudio Brown?

    Do you know if this is the voice of Claudio Brown?

    is this the voice of Claudio Brown? #whoisclaudiobrown

    Do you have information on government incentives Biteriot should get to subsidise its workforce?

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    Meet the Biteriot team: Claudio Cianfrano

    Claudio Cianfrano

    Meet Claudio Cianfrano, long-time member of the Biteriot & Caernarvon Cherry team. It is believed Claudio is also know as Claude Steven Cianfrano.

    Claudio has been spraying the orchards since at least 2014 and previously worked for Bernard & Fiona Hall (although not officially on the Caernarvon Cherry payroll under his own name) at Caernarvon Cherry & Biteriot. Claudio is well in excess of 18 years old – the alleged age of Claudio Brown. Who is Claudio Brown?

    Of recent times, since mid 2016, Claudio Cianfrano has had a working relationship with Guohao Chen of Topfruit China Australia. It is unknown whether Guohao Chen of Topfruit China Australia has any knowledge of who is Claudio Brown but it is believed Claudio Brown was the predecessor in the same job currently fulfilled by Claudio Cianfrano?

    It is believed Claudio is also Claude Steven Cianfrano:

    Click here to view ABN records.

    Click here to view Dunn & Bradstreet records.

    According to ABN records, Claudio or Claude trades as: PIETRO’S FRUIT AND VEG

    Claudio, his brother Robert Cianfrano and others are allegedly in a partnership according to ABN records:

    Click here to view ABN records of the partnership between Claudio and Robert Cianfrano (and others).

    Audio of some of the rant (goes for 7 mins) can be heard here:

    Claudio Cianfrano – Mad rant – Biteriot Caernarvon Cherry

    This photography was recorded by dashcam on a public road in plain view of Claudio Cianfrano and Dave Evans.

    Despite Dave Evans being a witness to Claudio’s rant – all caught on dashcam, over 7 mins long – Dave Evans told Constable Davis of Orange Police that Claudio Cianfrano wasn’t “trying to intimidate” (or words to that effect).

    Youtube video (just part of the 7 minute rant) ….

    Claudio Cianfrano – extract of Mad rant