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Greg Walker, McArthur Projects

According to Greg Walker’s website – …. which contains a series of attractively rendered photos, Greg Walker been developing properties to the tune of over $300m since about 1994 (source: circa November 2017).

Regrettably Greg, despite working in a team with 200 years experience and $300m in projects (as discussed below), experienced some dramas with ASIC and others as the following documents suggest:

ASIC ban - Greg Walker, Macarthur Projects
ASIC ban – Greg Walker, Macarthur Projects

Despite the above, we couldn’t find a mention of these facts upon his website which states:

A carefully selected team of experts boasts a combined experience of more than 200 years of industry knowledge including one of Sydney’s leading Town Planners … 

Managing Directors, Greg and Karen Walker are well known in the industry for their ability to convert raw sites into development approvals and thus creating a high return on investment ***.

In addition to Macarthur Projects dedicated full time staff, the company has invested in long term relationships that span nearly two decades with some of the industries most highly regarded consultants who add real strength and experience to the mix.

More than 80% of Macarthur’s developments are the result of off market transactions…..

Macarthur Projects has a 100% success rate in approvals through the consent authorities, this includes the NSW Land and Environment Court. This provides the foundation to the project success. …

The philosophy adopted by Macarthur Projects to utilise a balance of both in-house staff and external consultants, gives the company a nimble advantage to respond to matters of urgency.

With direct access to some of the most skilled and reputable designers and architects, the final developments are world class.

Source: *** disclaimer – sometimes negative returns achieved by Greg Walker.

Can 200 years experience help?

In short, no not always.

According to our research, a number of Greg & McArthur’s finest projects are imaginary (or incomplete), for instance:

An assortment of these fake project renders (or photos completed by the real developer follow below):

The Archibald, Gosford

Greg’s latest project is virtually amazing:

In a test run for the real thing perhaps, during a ferocious 59km/hr breeze, various inadequacies were exposed:

or video here:

Alternatively, the following promotion video may sell you your new virtual lifestyle?

Virtually finished and ready to move in, or will it take as long to build as Barkala?

To bring The Archibald within reach of any purchaser with a pulse, Greg Walker notes that the NSW Government & the HomeBuilder grant were available as free money:

Free money - OSR NSW
Free money – OSR NSW (conditions apply)

It is rumoured that Greg Walker was able to complete the acquisition of Archibald land, despite declaring to the NSW Office of State Revenue that the contract had been rescinded and not re-entered, with the benefit of a few ($16,000,000 of) helping hands dollars from Keith Snell whilst alive. Unfortunately Keith could not attend the public examinations re: 131MVR nor provide any answers to its liquidators.

Keith Eddy Snell
Keith Eddy Snell – major back, minority owner, recipient of advice from Beazley Law


Personally, Greg is married to his joint managing director of McArthur Projects.

Karen Vee Walker (formerly Director of 131MVR Pty Ltd (in liquidation)).

Expert - Karen Vee Walker
Expert – Karen Vee Walker
Fully qualified

Profile: To be continued

Greg Walker, McArthur Projects
Greg Walker, McArthur Projects

Joint Managing Directors, McArthur Projects

Successful joint managing directors and life coaches present the ideal image of a happy family.

Life coach & sometimes banned company director

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