Meet the Biteriot / Caernarvon team: Paula Neill

Paula Neill - thief & paymistress

Meet valued team member of Biteriot & Caernarvon CherryPaula Neill.

Paula was once described this way:

A WOMAN who embezzled more than $40,000 from the Bathurst Information and Neighbourhood Centre has been convicted of stealing property as a clerk sentenced to a nine month Intensive Correctional Order after appearing in Bathurst Local Court last week.

To read more about Paula’s career – please follow this link: click here.

Paula, who succeeded Pamela Hall as paymistress, was a trusted member of the Biteriot and Caernarvon team – handling payrolls, accounts and dealing with grower payments and receipts and worked alongside Bruce Johnston, Fiona Hall & others.

It is understood that Paula may have met and know the identity of the mysterious Claudio Brown and written his weekly cheques (Claudio doesn’t have a bank account – see profile)?

Paula’s career at Bathurst Information and Neighbourhood Centre was cut short in mirky circumstances as discussed in the above article – click here. Bathurst Information and Neighbourhood Centre describes itself as follows:

The Neighbourhood Centre is a not for profit charitable organisation that supports the Bathurst community and beyond.
Since 1976, we enable people to come together to strengthen, participate, develop and celebrate our community.

Through our staff and strong and valuable volunteer base we provide programs, activities, and support groups, and access to information, facilities and meeting spaces through Bathurst and Oberon Neighbourhood Centres.

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