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Dural Alliances Pty Ltd – profile

Dural Alliances Pty Ltd (“Dural“) is a company owned by Ralph Paligaru.

Dural Alliances Pty Ltd was a company set-up in August 2017 with Ralph’s former partner in the Dural land, Craig Adams. Dural, Ralph and Amreeta borrowed the sum of $540,000 using their property at 88 Perfection Ave, Stanhope Gardens as security for a loan from Franklin Yeezy Pty Ltd. The mortgage and a deed was prepared by John Mahony of Mahony Law. The $540,000 was loaned by Dural, Ralph and Amreeta to Craig Adam’s company Golden Arrow International Pty Ltd security by land in Warriewood. A caveat ought to have been lodged on the land at Warriewood. A caveat was not promptly lodged against the land at Warriewood. Ultimately, Ralph & Amreeta lost their house at 88 Perfection Ave, Stanhope Gardens when they could not repay Franklin Yeezy – the Franklin Yeezy loan was subject to an interest rate of 6% per month (in default).

Ralph held a little know (possibly secret) but mostly silent interest in a written joint venture between himself and Craig Adams.

Craig Adams (“Craig“) subject to a secret joint venture agreement between Ralph Paligaru (“Ralph”).  Ralph is and was the trustee of the former vendor of Dural with a registered power of attorney.

Bargo is now in liquidation, Craig is bankrupt and Ralph appears to be heading in the same direction with debts including judgment debts mounting.

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