Caernarvon Cherry: payroll fun facts #2

Did you know for Caernarvon Cherry employees (and possible current Biteriot employees) there are more than 24 hours in the day?

Did you know that some Caernarvon Cherry employees (possibly current Biteriot employees) work, on average, 27.4 hours per day x 7 days a week?

Take the example of minor Claudio Brown, employee of Caernarvon Cherry (possibly current Biteriot employee). If Claudio Brown is a ‘real‘ person he is or was a minor, i.e. an under 18 year old working 27.4 hours a day billed to our client and Assignor Homeward Bound Holdings Pty Ltd.

Below is the extract of the imaginary employee Claudio Brown’s private information ….

Click here to view Claudio’s pay slip for the 27.4 hours x 7 days = 192.25 hour working week.

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