Positions vacant

1-2 positions

DCP Litigation Holdings is a boutique asset manager and client, who the successful candidate/s will be working with (predominantly with its founder on a day to day basis) but also with its accountants, analysts, victims of fraud it partners with, lawyers, barrister and other professionals.

The environment is high-end. You’ll work from our Elizabeth Street chambers where you’ll be surrounded by professionals and just a stones throw from the Supreme Courts.

We are seeking 1-2 case managers who will play very important day to day roles in assembling evidence in ongoing Supreme and District Court matters currently filed or underway, but also manage the files in every way from working with the victims, our director, lawyers and perhaps the other side, providing analysis and more.

Current actions where you gain experience in, may include:

  • an equitable fraud case against a top tier bank (very complex).
  • an insolvent trading claim against the director of a company (now deceased and his estate).
  • a class action against a fruit merchant bought by around 20 fruit growers for misleading and deceptive conduct.
  • an action against a professional advisor for professional negligence.
  • an action for a client against his former lawyer for professional negligence (this matter will help you gain great knowledge of your future obligations as lawyers).
  • settling a family dispute between members of a prominent eastern suburbs family.
  • conducting mortgagee sales of properties.
  • day to day conveyancing matters and otherwise.
  • working in our pre-insolvency practice known as Business Asset Protection

The ideal candidate/s will have a deep interest in commercial litigation, equity, trusts, insolvency or property law matters and a desire to increase their knowledge (and get paid) whilst rapidly accelerating their experience in a real world environment which should set your career up well.

Candidates undergoing combined studies in a law / accounting degree would be viewed favourably, but present legal studies are essential, perhaps 3rd year LLB or 2nd year JD or later? If you’ve already completed some intern work or summer programme, that too would assist you and be well regarded.

Candidates not presently undergoing, as a minimum, legal studies will not be considered.

Initially on a 6-month contract, a permanent role may become available otherwise, you’ll be better equipped to pursue your full potential. Your working hours will be tailored flexibly around your study and other commitments to help us to attract and retain the best.

You should possess at least a credit-distinction average (a copy of your academic transcript, CV etc is to be uploaded using our application tool).

We expect you to be amongst the best – and as such we are okay if this position becomes a stepping stone for you. We expect you to go on to achieve greatly.

If this position sounds like you, and you have the requisite interest in areas of the law that we seek, please apply using our application tool, answering some introductory questions and uploading your CV etc.

We are an equal opportunity employer and the successful candidate/s will receive above award conditions.

Published: 11 May 2020.