Mark J. Smith

About Mark

51 years old, Mark, graduated in 1999 with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and in 11 weeks will complete a Juris Doctor (Postgrad Law Masters) at the University of Sydney – Law School (November 2020).  Mark is a Sydney-based business consultant (with offices in Orange and Singapore), member of the Graduate Management Association of Australia, the Tax Institute & NSW Young Lawyers – and works across finance, manufacturing, property development, agriculture and litigation sectors.

As a company Director, Mark has worked (in Australia, Singapore and Thailand) in sectors including hospitality, travel/tourism, labour logistics, construction, food manufacturing, commodity trading, land development, project management, litigation, corporate finance/insolvency and through DCPAM has case managed his group of company’s claims since about 2006.  With a background in large-scale project management, investing, business start-up and serial entrepreneurship – Mark strives to guide projects, clients and partners through a range of legal, taxation and business issues faced from time to time.

Mark and his companies provide case-management, litigation funding and other services applying his expertise and past experience to head off business, taxation and legal issues and effectively structure corporate bodies for the future.

Mark is married to Lisa (since 1990) and has 3 adult children, 2 dogs and 19 sheep (most of them ‘black-sheep’).  

In his spare time (when not working, fathering or studying), Mark & Lisa run an ever popular boutique guesthouse called Snowgums Retreat at Nashdale, Orange where he is a Superhost on Airbnb (with plans to expand it once his JD studies are completed). 

Mark welcomes contact from his clients at any time on 1300-327123 or click here to book an online appointment.

Mark J. Smith
Mark J. Smith