Ernst & Young – EY Entrepreneur of the Year list of Steve Papermaster enablers

Ernst & Young - enablers of Steve Papermaster

published 30 September 2022.

Steve Papermaster has been enabled throughout the years to cause significant losses to investors, additionally there has been raised allegations under oath that Steve Papermaster is a fraudster aided by a myriad web of enablers, associates and supporters – some listed below.

This enablement has included Steve’s made in the course of raising millions of dollars from investors that own his company’s products are a cure or treatment for covid19.

Probably the most prominent, responsible and shameless enabler/s of Steve Papermaster has been Ernst & Young and in particular its EY Entrepreneur of the Year programme which has provided Steve Papermaster with a platform of credibility to source investor / victims.

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year (Ernst & Young) – Enablers of Steve Papermaster

EY Entrepreneur of the Year - Steve Papermaster enablers

Location Leader Email Program Manager Email
Global Stasia Mitchell Angela Plaisted
Argentina Fernando Coccaro Ricardo Furman
Australia Justin M Howse Dru Dundon
Austria Erich Lehner Nina Gottsbachner
Gabriele Tamandl
Azerbaijan Ilgar Veliyev Narmin Guliyeva
Belarus Pavel Laschenko Kirill Karabanov
Inna Pashkevich
Belgium Patrick Rottiers Mireille De Jonge
Brazil Raquel Teixeira Andreia Yamasaki
Canada Paula Smith Krysten Fairbairn
Josee Rioux
Chile Cristián Lefevre Ximena Woolvett
Mainland China and Hong Kong/Macau William Huang Queenie Yuen
Michael Bi
Colombia Edgar Sanchez Jimena Abad
Croatia Berislav Horvat Silvija Prlic
Czech Republic Helena Sladkovska Dana Hrušková
Denmark Søren Smedegaard Hvid Anette Vraa-Jensen
Estonia Ranno Tingas Heidi Jalakas
Finland Juha Veikko Hilmola Anna Pyykkö
France Jean-Francois Royer Coralie Constant
Georgia Ruslan Khoroshvili Natia Meltauri
Germany Michael Marbler Monika Gulyas
Wolfgang Glauner
Ghana Ashish Bakhshi Dorothy Amengor
Greece Evangelos-Maximos Scopelitis Elissavet Vandorou
Hungary Botond Rencz Ágnes Pellion
India Farokh Balsara Sunaina Uppal
Indonesia Hari Purwantono Amelia N Azeliawini
Ireland Roger Wallace Clara Carroll
Israel Yoram Tietz Sivan Hakmon
Carmit Harel
Italy Massimilano Vercellotti Giulia Romano
Japan Taichi Muto Tomotaka Ishikawa
Tomoko Tokunaga
Jordan Waddah Barkawi Huda Alkhatib
Kazakhstan Erlan Dosymbekov Assem Tnalina
Kenya Frank Mwiti Edith K Osoro
Liechtenstein Sascha Stahl Claudia Strässler
Luxembourg Yves Even Christophe Gence
Caroline Imbaut
Malaysia Philip Rao Katy Kng
Malta Ronald Attard Kevin Mallia
Mexico Guadalupe Castañeda Campos Fabiola d Maldonado Guizar
Netherlands Marita de Hair Dagmar Klopper
New Zealand Darren White Rebecca Seymour-East
Norway Ina K Rosenberg Veronica Hagelid
Peru Beatriz Boza Miya Mishima
Philippines Henry M. Tan Ma Regina Maldonado
Poland Jan Krzysztof Bielecki Julian Przbylski
Portugal Miguel Farinha Luis Florindo
Telma Franco
Romania Bogdan Ion Iulia Ghinescu
Russia Alexander Ivlev
Saudi Arabia Ahmed Reda
Serbia Ivan Rakic Mila Bjelakovic
Singapore Max Loh Chew Ting Wan
Slovakia Katarina Sekulova Zuzana Tocekova
South Africa Azim Omar Sarah Custers
South Korea Suk Jin Yun Kyeughee Park
Spain Jose Luiz Ruiz Exposito Elena Merino Macho
Jesus Garcia Valcarce
Sweden Carlos Esterling Isabel Bergström Stacey
Switzerland Sascha Stahl Claudia Strässler Claudia Strässler
Taiwan Ian Wang Dee Dee Chen
Maureen Wu
Trinidad and Tobago Maria Daniel Gina Matthew
Turkey Metin Canogullari Bahar Uysal
Bilge Ergezen
United Kingdom Victoria Price Courtney Shields
United States Andrew (AJ) Jordan Wendy Fox
Venezuela Alberto Afiuni María Jesús Acosta Cabezas
Vietnam Thang Manh Hoang Nguyet Thu Vu
West Africa Ashish Bakhshi Oghe (Oghenekume) Obieromah

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