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Amreeta Paligaru is the wife of Ralph Paligaru, the former employee of Mohan Kumar aka Chhota Rajan aka Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje.

Amreeta is the 50% shareholder in Dural Alliances Pty Ltd (in liquidation).

Amreeta‘s lawyer is John Mahony of Mahony Law – also the lawyer for Craig Adams, Bargo Developments, Mohan Kumar and possibly others?

Amreeta is the brother of Davendar Deodiscussed elsewhere on this blog.

Amreeta, Ralph and their company Dural Alliances borrowed the sum of $540,000 from Franklin Yeezy Holdings Pty Ltd to loan to Craig Adams. Amreeta entered later entered into a document entitled Deed of Forbearance – click here to view.

Fact Check

… I have nothing to do with Mr. Kumar, Dural etc. I don’t understand why we are on your blogs?

Amreeta Paligaru, 16 February 2021, WhatsApp, 10.06pm.

Amreeta messaged me a number of times this evening (16/2/2021) through Whatsapp, Facebook and on other platforms, amongst other things writing:

… I have nothing to do with Mr. Kumar, Dural etc. I don’t understand why we are on your blogs.

Is this true?

According to clause 5 of the Schedule, Ralph Paligaru warrants that effectively he and Amreeta borrowed $540,000 against their own family home ….

so as to benefit Mohan Kumar as his principal.

Amreeta must have known that she either did or did not enter into the Franklin Yeezy borrowings “to benefit Mohan Kumar”?

Ultimately, Amreeta (and Ralph) received $500,000 of Mr. Kumar’s money in the Kesinda proceedings which they applied toward’s legal expenses from the Kesinda proceedings with a sum in the hundreds of thousands of dollars (of Mr. Kumar’s funds) used to reduce Ralph & Amreeta‘s own mortgage.

The writer finds this puzzling?


Why does Amreeta (and Ralph) need to borrow $540,000 (at 6% a month) just to benefit Mohan Kumar?

Mohan Kumar was the unpaid vendor of the property at 632 Old Northern Rd, Dural – owed $4m by Craig Adams.

Why if Amreeta (and Ralph) wanted to benefit Mohan Kumar didn’t they just work to get Craig Adams to pay the $4m of unpaid vendor money?

If Amreeta (and Ralph) wanted to benefit Mohan Kumar, why didn’t they just enter a JV in Mohan Kumar‘s own name with Craig Adams for the proposed private hospital?

Did Ralph hold the Heads of Agreement between himself and Craig Adams on trust for the benefit of Mohan Kumar?

Mr. Kumar is and was at the time a foreigner.

According to the warranty above, Ralph says he (and presumably Amreeta) entered the arrangements with Craig Adams to borrow $540,000 from Franklin Yeezy using their own house as security

… “so as to benefit Mohan Kumar ...”?

Does this seem believable to anyone? Let us know below your thoughts?

But again – Amreeta writes:

… I have nothing to do with Mr. Kumar, Dural etc. I don’t understand why we are on your blogs?

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