Who is Claudio Brown? Caernarvon Cherry payroll fun facts #3

Claudio is definitely a phenomenon – in fact anyone that is able to work 192hours a week – i.e. 27 hours a day is an intriguing individual – made all the more remarkable by the fact that Claudio Brown, according to his employer Caernarvon Cherry Pty Ltd isn’t yet an adult (he’s under 18).

Don’t believe me – check out his payslip below or employment profile.

Who is Claudio Brown?
Who is Claudio Brown?

Despite being a permanent employee (according to Caernarvon Cherry Pty Ltd), little else is known about this phenomenon – Claudio Brown. For instance, Claudio Brown apparently doesn’t have an address, phone number, tax file number, superfund or bank account (all payments understood to be via cheques payable as “cash”). Claudio Brown typically works 80+ hours a week apparently (untaxed).

Claudio Brown – earning great money (untaxed) for a minor.

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