Ralph Paligaru – update 4/1/2021

Ralph Paligaru Whatsapp contact details

I received the following WhatsApp message (apparently from Ralph Paligaru … see WhatsApp message ID).

Ralph Paligaru Whatsapp message 210104
Ralph Paligaru Whatsapp message 210104

Have you had any dealings with Ralph Paligaru – in Australia, Fiji, India, elsewhere?

How would you rate your experiences with Ralph Paligaru?

Would you like to tell us about your experiences?

Ralph is the director of Dural Alliances Pty Ltd (in liquidation) in Australia and Mills Management (Fiji) Pte Ltd, operator of the Dreketi Timber Mill, Dreketi, Labasa, Fiji previously owned and operated by Taiwan Timber Fiji.

For the record – Mark Smith has initiated no contact with the family of Ralph Paligaru being himself, Amreeta Paligaru or otherwise.

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