Pamela Hall – Paymistress & bookkeeper

Pamela Hall

Meet the team at Bonny Glen (in liquidation), Caernarvon Cherry & Biteriot, Hall family matriarchPamela Hall, wife of Fred Hall, mother of Bernard Hall.

Pamela Hall, wife of Fred Hall, formerly of the Bonny Glen orchard, Orange now reside at the Astill Court facility, UPA, 68 Nile Street, Orange.

Pamela oversaw bookkeeping and compliance in the Hall empire for an extended period and, it is believed, her and Fred continue to retain a multi-million dollar personal financial interest in multiple companies and properties who’d in the Hall Orange Group. It is understood that Pamela might have met Claudio Brown?

Pamela Hall and Fred Hall continue to be partners and financial backers of Bonny Glen (in liquidation), Caernarvon Cherry & Biteriot.

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