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About John Henry Williams:

John has 22 years of experience in accountancy, the majority of which has been with medium-sized accountancy firms in which he has been a Partner/Managing Director for over 16 years. John has been responsible for the provision of outsourced accounting services since the foundation of the outsourcing business in 1998. John is seen as a leading accountant to the funds management industry and has been invited to speak at various international conferences about accountancy and taxation issues affecting this sector. John’s clients range from medium sized local businesses to listed Australian and multi-national organisations and are from various industries including bio and medical technology, distribution, funds management, financial services, hospitality, property, childcare and retail and wholesale investment.

He is responsible for the provision of accounting, process and internal control consulting, due diligence, valuation, and taxation services to this client base, and provides expert witness accountancy services to some of Australia’s leading institutions. John Williams has acted in a CFO capacity for leading fund managers operating in Australia. These include both successful multi-nationals and for successful local managers. John graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Australian National University and attained his Chartered Accountant (CA) qualification in 1996.


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Employer/Department Then: PPB

Employer Now: Managing Director & Owner, Lumina Chartered Accountants

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