Caernarvon Cherry: payroll fun facts

Between 1 June 2013 and 30 June 2014, Caernarvon Cherry Pty (recently morphed into Biteriot Operations Pty Ltd) employed allegedly 914 said “employees”.

Of those said employees:

1. 107 had no address.

2. 35 had no bank accounts, multiple other persons also shared bank accounts.

3. 11 of the persons with no address also had no bank accounts.

4. 24 had no date/s of birth.

5. 530 had no superannuation membership number.

6. 143 had no tax file number, yet 63 received a tax free threshold of circa $20,000.

7. Between 9 December 2013 and 5 January 2014, the accused purported to supply services to the victim company, Homeward Bound Holdings Pty Ltd (in liquidation) said to total approximately $92,000.

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